Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All About the Green

Green polish that is!  I'm drawn to greens, blues and purples.  Green is my favorite color of the bunch.  And it probably wouldn't surprise you at all that I have a ton of green polish, more so than my comparing teals post.

Be prepared for a lot of photos...

I didn't do this in any particular order but I did start off with my favorite, Rimmel #286 Rags to Riches on my thumb.  

Left to right:  Rimmel Rags to Riches, Orly It's Not Rocket Science, Milani 3D Hi-Tech, WnW Ocean Grotto and ZOYA Yara

Sorry about the "claw" photos...  :)  I started with Rimmel on the thumb and went in order...

I dinged my thumb!  Oops.  No top coat here, just a base coat.  Love the holo on the Milani.  I haven't worn that one in forever!

Next up are some ZOYA greens.  I was given 3 of them from the lovely Marnie or MsGoldgirl on youtube!
ZOYA gifted her a box of polish and she then decided to share the love by giving me Holly, Ivanka and Rina!  I already had Ivanka and Rina and they will be in my niece's hands in a couple of weeks. Shh...  Don't tell her. ;)  Green just happens to be her favorite just like her aunty!

From left to right:  Holly, Apple, Ivanka, Rina, and Edyta.

I love Edyta but I couldn't help but notice that ZOYA Edyta is a lot like Revlon's Mistletoe.  I'm not sure if I compared these before so here it is again if I did!  They look different in the bottle, but very similar on the nail.  The Revlon formula needs a little thinning...  The glitter/shimmer is a touch finer in the ZOYA formula.

ZOYA Edyta is on the pinky and middle, Revlon Mistletoe is on the index and ring.

In the next lot, a couple of these could be considered teal but they were not included in that post so here they are now!  Okay the first one was but it stood out a little green next to all the teal.

From left to right:  WnW Diving for Pearls, WnW Cost is no Issue, SC Nail Junkie, Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed, China Glaze Glittering Garland

SC Nail Junkie is so goopy. I swear it has been years since I wore this.

Another lovely grouping...  Left to right:  OPI Don't Mess with OPI, Models Own Golden Green Beetle Juice, Revlon Emerald, Orly Lucky Duck

I love the color shift on the Model's Own.  Much improved from the first time I wore it.  It was full of bubbles.  Stinky polish though...

And the last bunch but certainly not least!

From left to right:  SC Mint Apple, Huemorista (Etsy) Herbal Steam, Huemorista Clover Fields, NYC Hint of Mint

I am really feeling all of these colors for the spring.  SC Mint Apple was just recently given to me I think I might do a full mani soon with this one.

I forgot, well maybe didn't forget but Herbal Steam is a lovely green with a blue shift.  The formula is amazing.  I need to get some more Huemorista.  There are a ton new collections in the Etsy Shop!  Yay!

So what do you think?  Have you picked our your favorite(s) of the lot?

I will go with of course, Rimmel Rags to Riches, Huemorista Herbal Fields, Orly Lucky Duck, Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed...

Oh I just love them all and I have a couple more to show you tomorrow!!!  :)