Thursday, October 27, 2011

Comparing Teals

So I have 2 teals to show you this morning...  Rimmel Marine Blue and Oke Doke Steel This Teal

Both lovely.  In the bottle they both seem to have the same color blue based teal with slight green shimmer. 

Rimmel looks like it has a little more pearl...

It really translates on the nail as well.  Can you guess which is which??? 

On the pinky and middle fingers is Oke Doke, 3 coats for opacity.  The index and ring nails were painted with Rimmel, 2 coats for opacity.

Very similar but Rimmel is definitely a darker blue and more shimmer.  From the bottle photos above I would have said opposite because Oke Doke almost looks darker.  But the Rimmel is more reflective from the shimmer.

Oke Doke polish can be found at Rite Aid for I believe $2.99 or less...

Here are all my teal like colors:

Thumb:  OPI Absolutely Alice
Index:  Oke Doke Steel This Teal
Middle:  WnW Stream of Wonder
Ring:  Rimmel Marine Blue
Pinky:  ZOYA Breezi

Wish I had ZOYA Robin to compare...

And all my teals...

From left to right:

WnW Stream of Wonder, ZOYA Breezi, Oke Doke Steel this Teal, Rimmel Marine Blue, OPI Absolutely Alice, NYC Teal Til the End, WnW Diving for Pearls, ZOYA Charla, ZOYA Ivanka 

ZOYA Ivanka is definitely more green as well as WnW Diving for Pearls.