Thursday, October 6, 2011

Maybelline Express Finish

50 second nail color at it's best folks!  Now I don't own very many Maybelline polishes, looking over at my collection which is not in any order I might add, I see none.  lol  I did own 2 at one point, I bought them at the dollar tree and I believe my neice has them now.  One was a chunky gold glitter.  Did I really give that one up??

So on to the NOTD!  This is a gorgeous slate blue/grey with purple and teal shimmer in the bottle but on the nail all you can see is the teal.  It is a very unique color!  I grabbed this during my Kmart Haul.  Kmart is where it is at around here in terms of Limited Editions.  Apparently, I'm the only one that shops there for nail polish, which is fine with me!  I do end up paying full price minus $1 here and there with a coupon which is a bummer...  I digress...

This Maybelline LE Cool Couture is a real stunner, great formula, dries quick, 2 coats as well as a base and a SV topper.

Still working on the cuticles.  I've been painting shelves, cleaning without gloves, shame on me!