Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Challenge Day #2

So this was a quick look since I was running extremely late this morning...  My standard I'm in a rush product that I grab is Benefit r.s.v.p. which I smoothed on the lid, L'OREAL lineur intense in Mineral Grey a little winged out, tightline and water line with mark. eyemarker in Jet (my fave which I desperately need to re-order!!!), inner corner highlight and lower lid liner MAC Gilded White. 

It's just a simple and easy, "I swear, I'm awake" look

Oh and I forgot my mascara of course...  I do my makeup in the preschool drop off line.  Hey, getting 3 kids ready in the morning, and 2 to 2 different schools in opposite corners of my tiny world is not an easy feat.  lol  So I open up this month's Birchbox while we wait for the door of the school to open and to my surprise, they provided me with one!

blinc mascara.  I really like it.  My lashes but better look, lenthens and darkens them every so slightly and held a curl all day!!!  I just took this picture after 7 hours of wear.  My lashes always go straight. 

The tube it comes in (very cute sample packaging!) says that "blinc is the original mascara invented to form tny water-resistant "tubes"around your lashes that annot run, smudge, clump, or flake."

I can vouch for all of that.  Very impressed!

So on to the pics...

So another 3 products down!  I re-used yesterday's L'OREAL liner...  Don't fault me for re-using, praise me for digging deep into my Mujis.

I will have an official list of products, well possibly, I shouldn't make promises that I might not be able to keep, now should I?  There are just so many... :)