Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's challenge time!!!

So...  I have a lot of makeup.  Yes I do.  First step is admitting that you have a problem.  Check.  However I have been justifying my collection by the mere fact that many others have so much more in comparison.  One thing's for sure, I'm not afraid to pitch items that do not work.  Hence a major purging this weekend.  Today was garbage day, I did rescue a few items from the plastic bag hanging from the bathroom door knob that eventually made it's way to the curb a few minutes ago.  But I digress.

Another justification, I never spend more than a $1 or $2 on a product at the drugstore (after rewards and coupons).  PERIOD.  Never, ever.  Full price?  Not me.  Not my style, even if I had the extra money, I would still look for a bargain.  I do have some high end items, well high end to me would be Urban Decay.  I love UD.  Love their buttery shadows, love the shimmer, love the colors.  I will splurge on a UD Palette.  And I have...

Which brings us to the present quandary.  UD has an amazing sale section right now.  In fact I have a cart of 17 items adding up to $96.  Yeah 17 UD items under $100.  It's tempting...  Cream eyeshadows $3.  Love cream eyeshadows during this busy time in my life.  Slap them on, finish with a little liner, mascara.  Done.  Vegan palette $13, Roller Girl eye palette, $18, Roller Girl Nail Kit $8 and the list goes on and on.  I spent an entire nap time (1.5 hours for the little one) deciding on what I wanted and searching through my eyeshahows looking for comparable colors, etc, etc.

Then hold the phone!  Do I have a $100?  Technically yes, but not really.  7 year Anniversary is coming up (next weekend), Marine Corps Birthday Ball (dress, shoes, hair), my 6 year old daughter has already out grown her entire school wardrobe that we bought in August.  They grow up so fast! :(

So I thought to myself, what about all those other shadows, pressed, mineral, pigments, what have I, all neatly organized in Muji cases?

What I came up with is this...  In order for me to justify another cosmetic purchase, even if it is FREE (tough one), I have to wear every one of my eyeshadows and liners one time.  This includes nail polish.  So even if I have worn it in the past, for this challenge, I'm going deep into my stash and I am wearing everything at least once or one more time to complete this challenge.  EVERYTHING.

I started a running list of all my products but it is taking forever and I wanted to start this challenge today.  I even was thinking of youtubing it.  Hmm...

So for the first look this morning I used the following:

NYX 5 Color Shadow Caribbean Collection, dark brown on the end (4 more  colors to go to complete this palette)
Almay intense i-color 034 for greens all 3 colors
WnW Mega Eyes 869 Defining Eye Marker, black
LOREAL Lineur Intense Mineral Grey

Here's the look...  Still working on my photography skills.  Yikes.  It's a lot darker in person and I'm heading out to the gym.  Awesome look for the gym.  lol

I used the top bronze color on the inner 1/3 of my eye lid, the middle green in the crease and outer v, the bottom lighter color to blend out the green in the crease and a highlight under the brow and inner corner. I also use the top bronze shade as a liner under my eye. I used the LOREAL liner for the top and bottom and darkened the top further with the WnW Mega Eyes. I also used the dark shade of the Caribbean Palette to slightly darken the crease and outer v. 

So there you are, first look done, 6 colors used!  I'm on my way baby!

Who's with me???