Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rimmel Week!

Well the rest of this week is Rimmel week, starting with yesterday's Violet Metal

Today I have for you 340 Marine Blue.  Another clearance polish from earlier this year!  Love teals!

Rimmel makes a great formula.  The brush is wider as you can see here:

This is next to a WnW brush (Ocean Grotto).  So as you can see it's almost 2.5 times wider.  It can cover my entire pinky in practically one swipe.  Application is smooth with a little adjustment if you are used to the thinner brush. 

Here is my Rimmel polish stash!

I just love the square bottles.  They store very nicely.

I have 350 Violet Metal, 270 Steel Grey, 420 Midnight Blue, 286 Rags to Riches and 310 Sunset Orange.  The only one I didn't purchase on clearance was Rags to Riches.  In fact it wasn't even on sale, but I did have a $1 MC.  So glad I picked it up!!!