Friday, October 14, 2011


So during this challenge to use all of my eyeshadows and nail polish at least once or one more time before any further purchases, I thought I would go through each brand...

So today, here are my Almay shadows! 

As a very busy mom of three young children about to embark on a new career, time is of the essence!!  As with everyone it seems lately, we are busy!  And since the economy is in the tanker, our minds should be on saving our hard earned cash.  But what fun is that?

Almay is relatively inexpensive.  At the drugstores, without coupons, I believe these eyeshadows will run you $8, Walmart, maybe $7.  Now, who doesn't use a coupon or ECB's, RR's +up rewards, etc?  Without a receipt in hand, I can tell you that I paid less then $3 for all of these.  I didn't buy them all at once, 2 I bought recently at CVS and I believe the others were from Walgreens. 

See my post here.

Walgreens had them on sale, offered a $2 Walgreens store coupon, I had a few $2 MC's and they were giving $5 in register rewards when you bought 2.  As long as you separate the transactions and have enough coupons, you can essentially do that all day during a sale like that at Walgreens.  What is great about Walgreens is that they don't keep track of what you are buying.

Back on to the eye shadows.  I swatched them all out for you!  They are nicely pigmented, color coordinated, and if I drop one, like I have done, I'm not going to freak out.  Now if I dropped my UD Naked Palette...  I like to travel with my drugstore cheapos.  But you would never know that these are cheap drugstore shadows on the lid!

I swatched them all out on the inside of my arm over Bare Escentuals Prime Time eyelid primer.  Great stuff by the way.  Eyeshadows do not budge.

First up:

Almay intense i-color powder shadow trio for greens 004

Second, another trio for greens 034

Third, trio for browns 021

Here I wanted to show the difference between using a primer and not using a primer.  Can you tell the difference?  lol  The darker purple in this trio is amazing.  One of my faves...

Fourth, trio for hazels 003

Very similar to WnW Sweet as Candy Palette...

Fifth, trio for blues 032

Gorgeous blue!!!

So there you have it.  Almay shadows are very nice, relatively inexpensive and you can quite possibly get them for free with a little planning along with coupons and sales at the drugstore.