Saturday, October 29, 2011

Homemade Nail Polish Remover!!!

There are several people who have duped this.  Check out youtube!!!  But it's quite easy.

I went to my local Rite Aid when their brand of acetone was BOGO.  It is a 16 oz bottle, so I bought enough to make 4 ZOYA size nail polish remover.  I believe the acetone was $3.49 and the glycerin $6.99.  So for the cost of one bottle of ZOYA, you can make 4.  And the bottle of glycerin will a very long time.  So really, if you continued buying the acetone do the math! 

It is so worth it.  So savvy!

Step 1:  Get a bottle.  lol  I used my ZOYA remove +.  There was still a small amount left at the bottom.  But you can use any bottle.  Pump dispensers are definitely a bonus.  You could even dump a little of the acetone out and use the acetone bottle.

Step 2:   So for the ZOYA bottle, fill the bottle almost to the top to get approximately 8 oz.  If you want to measure and be all scientific, go for it!  I probably could have filled my bottle up more.

Step 3:  I used a capful of glycerin for the 8 oz of acetone.  1 capful.  This is where you kind of need to get it right.  Glycerin and acetone do not mix, they are not miscible with each other, that's where step 4 comes in.  Glycerin adds your moisturizing factor.  It is a skin protectant.  It is used in many products for chafed or chapped skin.  Acetone by itself is quite drying. 

Step 4:  A splash of water.  What I did is I turned the water on really slowly from the faucet and swiped the bottle underneath the stream.  So I called that a splash.  The glycerin will go to the bottom because it is more dense than the acetone.  You will see the layers upon tilting the container.  You need enough water so that the two will mix.  So I would say less than 3mL for 8oz.  But just do 1mL at a time depending on how much acetone you start with. 

Step 5:  Shake it baby, shake it!  The mixture will turn cloudy and then it will be clear again.  Tilt your container and see if the two have mixed.  If they didn't mix, you will see the glycerin at the bottom.  Add 1 more mL and shake.

Step 6:  Remove polish and wash hands.

This formula works A-mazing.  I mean like butter!  Even better then ZOYA.  I will always make my own from now on.  Of course it doesn't have the lovely ZOYA smell, well mine still does because I had a little left over and the smell has been absorbed into the plastic bottle.  I was thinking that I would add some lavender oil but I don't need to at this point.