Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day #10!

I love this look. 

I finally used my Stila eye shadow in cloud that I received in a Birchbox a while back.  Stila eye shadows are very nice, buttery soft and no chalkiness.  I used Stila cloud all over my lid.  In my crease I used Revlon Matte 009 Rich Sable and in my outer v I used the 2nd darkest shade in the Revlon Colorstay 14 Nude Elements Palette.  I really enjoy using this palette.  You can create several different looks.  I use the gold shade a lot.

For my lower lid liner I used both Rich Sable and that 2nd darkest shade for a little shimmer.  PF eye booster in black was used for the upper lid liner.  Wnw Brulee was used to blend out Rich Sable and for a highlight.  And of course before I left the house, I used PF black liner for my upper and lower waterlines so I took a picture of that as well.   

From top to bottom...  Stila cloud, Revlon Matte 009 Rich Sable, Revlon Color Stay 2nd darkest
14 Nude Elements Palette. 

I will be swatching out all of my revlon eyeshadows soon so look for that this coming week.

Hope you are having a good weekend!!!