Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day #14

So this look was inspired by a tweet from @UrbanDecay411.  I tried the Purple Cat Eye here.  I don't have UD's BOSIV but I used from the Naked Palette, Virgin, Sin, and Gunmetal and from my Almay Palette 021 Trio for Browns.  I do have the Anniversary Palette which of course I haven't opened.  Correction, I opened it for a second and closed the top immediately so it wouldn't get ruined.  lol

So after watching the video I used Virgin as my highlight and Sin underneath.  I took Gunmetal across the lid and out and along my lower lash line and winged it out.  I blended in the purple over the gunmetal and just a little above meeting up with Sin.

I finished off the look with PF Eye Booster in Black, which is virtually undetectable even when I winged it out slightly...   Oh and I used the light purple in the Almay palette to lighten up my inner corner.  Check out the swatches here.

Obviously I am not a makeup artist.  lol  Who am I trying to kid but I was happy enough to try it out!

I'm thinking that this will be a good Birthday Ball look with some fake lashes...

Hope you are having a good day!!!