Saturday, October 22, 2011


I've worn this for the past 3 days and I don't want to take it off!

This is 2 coats of Revlon Starry Pink.   I like that with 2 coats you can still see a little of the white of my nails.  It is starting to chip a bit so it's time to take it off unfortunately.  My nails need a little trim and some shaping as well.  This is the longest that I've had my nails in a while!

Another great polish from Revlon!  Never disappointed (well except for Sunshine Sparkle... nice color though lol)

Speaking of that...  We have 2 Walmarts in the area the "good" one and the "bad" one.  The "good" one is just newer and the one I prefer to go to, it's also further away.  I dropped by last night to look for a kid's birthday present and of course I had to browse through the cosmetics aisle...

Everything was fully stocked! Well almost, they didn't have Hard Candy glamophage which I have been wanting to try.  Which is a good thing because I might have caved.  Oh wait, the challenge is just nail polish and eyeshadows right?  Phew, I'm safe.  lol  But full displays on everything, WnW 8 pans, not the matte, the good ole shimmers...  Rimmel had all the single eyeshadows, most of which I have never seen before.  I have a few from the CVS sale earlier this year, but not all of them.

The Revlon nail polish display had everything, Sunshine Sparkle, the orange and blue color from the summer set, all the scented polishes...  I've never seen that many all together in one display.  My CVS has all reds and pinks...

Also I spotted the Physcian's Formula skincare line.  It's quite pricey...  It ranges from $9.99 for a small sized face wash to $25 or so for a lotion.  I am intrigued enough to try it but I am fully stocked on skincare items for the forseeable future as well thanks to my coupon stockpile!