Friday, January 2, 2015

Makeout 2015

"When is enough, enough?" -as asked by Christine, otherwise known as Pinksofoxy on YouTube. 

I watched all her decluttering videos in 2012/2013 and even participated in my own Make Out 2013 where I evaluated my spending habits, discarded old makeup and carefully bought what I needed but still managed to add 8 concealers and 25 lip products.  Oops. 

But I was able to justify purchasing 25 lip products because with coupons, rewards and clearance prices, my out of pocket expense was just shy of $25.  Do I use them?  Yes of course. Do I need that many?  Still debating it out with myself.  I didn't buy any more lip products in 2014...  Though I did add 2 sample sized lip products that came in the Bronze n'Dandy set from Benefit that I picked up from the Sephora VIB sale.

Proudly, I carried over what I learned in 2014.  I stopped shopping drugstore clearance sales.  Just because they are only $1 after rewards and coupons, I don't need to bring them home!  I bought one mascara for the entire year which still hasn't been opened... (1 was gifted to me.)   Go me!  But this year I also failed, especially in the eyeshadow palette and foundation areas. Still looking for that perfect, flawless foundation...

Well now that 2015 has already started off fast and furious, I have created some parameters for Make Out 2015!  I introduced this plan in my previous 2014 Year in Review blog post.  We will hopefully be selling a house (fingers crossed!), buying a house, retiring from the military and moving to another state in 2016 so I'm giving myself an entire year to rid myself of the excess in all aspects of my life. 

Enough is finally enough!

Pinksofoxy recently showed the world her Makeup Inventory 2014.  I'm going to include my skincare, body and haircare items.  I recently was gifted and given some things over the holiday in the skincare and bodycare categories so I counted up everything and here it is below:

2014 Makeup Inventory
12 Lipstick
3 Lip liner
9 Lip gloss
6 Lip balm
5 Balm stain
8 Revlon Colorburst
32 Single eyeshadows
16 Small eyeshadow palettes
12 Large eyeshadow palettes
18 L'OREAL Infalliables 
29 Maybelline tattoos 
27 Pencil eye liners (11 unused/unopened)
1 Liquid eyeliner
4 Eyeshadow sticks
4 Eye primers (3 deluxe samples)
4 Brow products
8 False eyelashes
2 Mascara
10 Foundation (2 Bourjois, 3 Revlon Colorstay Whipped, 3 Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid, CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous, L'OREAL True Match W3)
2 BB cream
1 CC cream
4 Highlighter (1 cream, 1 liquid, 2 pressed powder)
5 Concealer
2 Corrector
2 Primer
14 Blush 
4 bronzer
2 contour
5 Powder
4 Setting powder (3 deluxe sample)
4 Setting spray (2 deluxe sample)

2014 Skincare Inventory
3 Facial sprays
1 Gel Cleanser
3 Cream Cleanser
4 bar cleansers
2 Toner
2 Makeup remover
2 Makeup remover wipes
1 Enzyme mask
1 Overnight treatment mask
5 Clarifying mask (2 full size)

1 Dermabrasion
4 Treatment
2 Salicyclic acid treatment
3 eye cream
1 Day Moisturizer with SPF
3 Night Moisturizer
3 Facial oil
2 serum
2 Décolleté treatment

2014 Bodycare Inventory
4 Spray lotion 
7 Scented body lotion
1 Gradual tanning lotion
2 unscented repairing lotion
4 travel Nivea tin
1 Body oil
7 Body gel/cream body wash

2014 Haircare Inventory (all travel size unless indicated)
5 Oil (2 full size, 1 unopened)
6 Smoother (1 full size)
8 Blow Out
1 Dry Shampoo
1 Dry Conditioner
2 Shine spray
3 Texture
7 Styler/spray (1 full size)
5 Prep/heat protectant
2 Spray conditioner/detangler

With these numbers, I should not need to purchase a thing in 2015!  To reiterate, a lot of these items, especially the hair care items are deluxe sample sizes.  In order for this to work, I will allow myself a few purchases in 2015.  I have been wanting to buy the Girogio Armani Master Corrector for a couple of years now so as long as I finish my Bobbi Brown Corrector, I can purchase the GA.  However, I will not add to these numbers, the purpose of the makeup inventory is to decrease the numbers!

I will allow myself to take advantage of the Sephora VIB sales in April (my birthday month!) and November.  The Giorgio Armani Master Corrector will need to be purchased from Nordstrom since it is not sold by Sephora at the present time.  Another item that I have been seriously considering is It Cosmetics CC cream because of the high SPF.  But that may change...

So here is my contract which has been signed, dated and currently taped to my bathroom mirror!

Make Out 2015

I will allow myself 5 makeup purchases for the year 2015. These items may only be bought during the Sephora VIB sales in April and November and all other months will be excluded from purchases. 
*Exception for Giorgio Armani Master Corrector at Nordstrom.

2.  _________________________________________________________ 
3.  _________________________________________________________ 
4.  _________________________________________________________ 
5.  _________________________________________________________

*Excluding: basic hair care, basic body care and basic skincare which can be purchased when the last product in that category has been used up entirely.  See Parameters below.

Makeout 2015 Parameters

Before purchasing items during the VIB sales as outlined above, I must use up/discard expired and unused items in that category.  I will not add numbers to my Makeup Inventory.

1. Finish all current concealers, discard concealers not in use/older than 2 years.  
2. Finish Bobbi Brown and Olay Correctors.  
3. Finish all Mascara including samples.
4. Finish all current BB and CC creams.
5. Finish all current foundation, discard foundation not in use/older than 2 years.  
6. Finish all powders; foundation, mineral, pressed, loose, setting.
7. Finish all current eyeliners, discard eyeliners not in use/older than 2 years.
8. Finish all skincare items; setting spray, cleanser, toner, mask, treatment, facial oil, day and night moisturizer, eye cream.
9. Finish all hair care items; primer, stylers, spray, oils, treatments.
10. Finish all sample sizes before purchasing full size anything!

                              Signature                                         Date

I will check in quarterly in March, June, September and my finale in December!

I will also be participating in the Pan that Palette 2015 Challenge started by AmberF on YouTube, Finish 7 by Spring (March 20) and Finish 5 by Cinco de Mayo (May 5).  Join us!

More on those later...