Friday, January 2, 2015

Pan that Palette Challenge 2015

I'm doing it!  I am going to pan the Original Urban Decay Naked Palette in 2015!  Just seeing that it is possible to use up an entire eyeshadow palette is really inspiring.  Sounds silly, we are talking makeup, but my Naked palette is already 4 years old!

I have some dips in Virgin and Naked.  This is 4 years of use and I'm going to try to pan this is 1 year?  Lol

I have already fallen back in the love with it by using it exclusively the past week.  I have all the Naked Palettes, 1, 2, 3, and both Naked Basics.  I love them all.  So if I'm successful I will pan Naked 2 in 2016 and Naked 3 in 2017.  Woah, slow down...

Panning for me will not be completely emptying the shadows as AmberF on YouTube.  You have already seen above how long it takes me to dip into a shadow.  :) 

I'm definitely going to try my best but for me and how I use shadow, that will be impossible.  My goal is to hit pan on every shadow for me to successfully complete this challenge.  Seems fair, right?

I plan on using the Naked Palette 5 days a week and using something else the other 2 days to keep myself from boredom.  But I have plenty of Color Tattoos to mix things up.

I will check in once a month or once every couple of months to show my progress!

Wish me luck!

Are you in?!!