Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Get yourself to Walmart!

If you see this Suave Ultimate Gift Set under a $14.97 sign, don't be fooled!

It's really $4.50! 

There is also a $2 peelie on some making this set $2.50!  Not a bad price for shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner shine mask, a styling oil and Goody elastics if I do say so myself!

I picked up 2...  :)

Little Black Bag

Little Black Bag is yet another monthly subscription, which I'm sure everyone knows about by now, to fuel your on-line shopping addiction.  It started with bags and jewelry and has now expanded into other accessories such as scarves, leggings, hats, shoes as well as skincare, hair care and makeup items. 

It took me a few months to get started because I didn't understand how the process worked.  The program has changed slightly (well a ton) since its incarnation.  But I like now that there are a variety of starting prices not just $29.95 and $49.95.  You also have the option to skip the month with no penalties which is a nice feature.  If you choose not to skip that particular month, you will be charged a $9.95 fee and given a $10 credit.  

On the 1st of every month you are invited to add a bag to your cart from your "gallery."  But your choices are no exclusive to the gallery, the entire site it open for your choosing. You can buy a single bag or "bundle" it for a few dollars more and up to 3 stylist picks are added and the trading begins.  The picks are based off of a survey that you take when you open an account with LBB.  You don't see the stylists picks until you purchase the bag.  Surprise!  But you certainly are not obligated to keep any of the original items.  You can trade some, all or none.

On Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday there is a preview of some items at 6:00 pm PST.  Be sure to friend LBB on Facebook for advance notice and photos.  They used to post YouTube videos as well showcasing the new items.  Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday new items are posted on the LBB website at 10:00 am PST.  You have the 1st-5th of every month to decide if you want to purchase, bundle or skip a bag that month.  Trading lasts for 7 days.  LBB emails you new trade offers, but you have to be quick.  The offer is sent to every member with the same item.  If you like the offer, accept right away!

Now, this isn't my first LBB experience.  I joined I believe early last year (2012) and finally started trading that summer on a week long vacation.  It was so fun (addicting actually) trading and interacting with members.  I remember trading away the original bag that I had opened up with, then regretting it, then trading to get it back.  I got so into it that I opened up a new bag (which you can do as many times as you want!) during that first trading experience...adding another $39.95 to the original $49.95.  Oops!  At one point, I had the bag that I wanted in 2 different colors.  Craziness!  It was really easy to trade up as well and members eagerly traded and offered reasonably.  This time around, trading was much slower and the offers were much lower.

Last summer a huge LBB box arrived and I opened up all my goodies.  I immediately had buyers regret.  The gold hardware on one of my bags was just too much for me.  It wasn't depicted any differently in the pictures on the LBB website.  But in person, it just was so shiny and fake looking. The other bag that I finally traded for was in a light brown/tan shade, a total departure from what I would normally consider as suitable.  Which I had wanted to break up my black bag collection but it just didn't work.  It also had a crease in it that bothered me.  A pair of earrings that I received were a bit chintzy and super long, I barely remember them.  I had one other silver bracelet that was beautifully detailed and substantial but it was just too big for my tragically small wrist.  And considering the entire LBB package cost just under $100, I didn't love the bags enough to justify the expense.  So everything but one bracelet, a cuff that I still wear on occasion was returned.

The return process was easy but it was a bit wonky back then, something like 33% back and there was a restocking fee...  Here is the current return process breakdown from the LBB website:

For refunds, we use the formula below to calculate the amount. Please note that you will not be refunded or given credit for any shipping charges or taxes/duties charged for Canadian shipping. 
Retail price of returned item(s)
-----------------------------------------     X   Price you paid for your bag  = Return amount
Total retail value of your bag
Here's an example using real numbers:
Returned item $25.00
-------------------------------------------------    X   Price paid $49.95 = Return amount $12.49*
Total retail value of your bag $100
Once a return is received at our warehouse, it will be processed within 2-3 business days and you'll receive an e-mail notification letting you know.
*The refund amount on an item can never be greater than the "Add to Bag" price of the item.

Sadly, I didn't take a photos!  Just of the box.  That's how fast I sent the package back.  Lol

This time around I had a $20 credit  after forgetting to skip trading for 2 months and with the Black Friday special guarantee of 2 bags, I caved.  I had been looking at this one particular structured Nila Anthony satchel for a couple of months.  I didn't open December's bag with that particular one, but ended up trading for it. I decided to go with the bundle and I received a stylist pick on a bag (valued up to $79 I believe) and 2 other jewelry items.

I didn't like the free bag the stylist picked for me but was able to trade it away for jewelry then back to the original Nila Anthony that caught my eye in the first place.

You receive a large LBB box and everything is wrapped in black tissue secured with a LBB sticker. Each bag is wrapped in a dust bag and then wrapped in plastic. 

So here's what I got! 

I opened my bag with this black Balibelts Studio Studded Hobo.  This bag is quite large.  It measures 19.5" in length x 2.5" in width x 13" in height.   I didn't actually take out a tape measure until the last day of trading to see exactly how big this bag was.  Which I recommend, the picture with the mannequin on the site can be deceiving... 

I did "panic" a little, worrying that it would be too big, and I would succumb to the same buyers remorse as the first experience, but fortunately I really like it.  I wouldn't mind if it was a touch smaller but I tend to carry everything, including the kitchen sink when I leave the house.  :)  The feel and look of the bag is luxe and the hardware looks authentic, not cheap and shiny. 


The only thing I find a bit annoying is the zipper.  As you can see in the middle right of the photo below the zipper just hangs out connected when the zipper is fully open.  I would have had the zipper disconnect at the end, as well as the ends of the zipper sewn into the side of the bag so that I could fully open up the center.  It's a minor grievance...

The second bag I received is a Nila Anthony Liam Structured Satchel in a deep chocolate brown with a pink suede tassel.  Originally I was worried it was going to be too "stiff" and boxy.  I have been looking for a structured bag for months/years really...   And this bag fit the bill and as a medium sized bag.  I can't over stuff it. 

At 11" in length x 4.5" in width x 9" in height, it also features a 3" drop top-handle and a 24" adjustable drop or cross-body strap.  Thankfully, I was able make a trade for it.  Love a happy ending!

It has a fun and stylish zippered fold over flap which is a unique feature.  It closes with a magnetic closure and there is also a double pocket feature under the flap.  The stitching detail and antique brass hardware are really appealing to me.  It does take a few seconds to get into the bag as you have to zip both ends up and back.  But its also a nice anti-theft detail...

It's just the perfect width and height for my planner, wallet and a smaller makeup bag. 

The bags are quite lovely and the quality is very nice.  Very pleased this time around.  The trading is a lot of fun and there is a chat room where you can interact with members of the LBB community.  I noticed this time that many members using chat knew each other and were forthcoming with information if you had questions.  Interacting helps you decide what items are "hot" and worth trading for.  Very helpful indeed.

Also during the trading process I acquired 2 Clairol Professional conditioners. If I hate them, I'm sure they will make good shaving creams!  Also a Moor Spa 100% Glycolic lotion.  They were wrapped separately in a bubble envelope.

Detailed reviews are far and few between on LBB bags so it's hard to gauge how your bag is really going to look and feel like.  New bags are added every week so the turn around is quick.  I'm a bit particular as well.   I searched and searched for any and all reviews of both of these bags and came up with nothing during my trading process.  So I hope this helps you! 

If you want to try Little Black Bag here is my link!  http://lbb.ag/b4dd  You will get 25% off you first bag and I will get a free product in my next bag.  Learning from my past mistakes, just keep calm, order a single bag and have fun trading!

Have you tried Little Black Bag yet?  What do you think about this monthly service?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Road to VIB

Most retailers have a Rewards Program.  What's not addicting than a little positive reinforcement to our spending?  It keeps the customer happy and spending and the store happily churns out the profits.  Win!  :)

One thing I dislike about Sephora was the $8 shipping charge.  I live 2.5-3 hours away from a Sephora.  I found myself ordering a lot from Nordstrom as they always have free shipping.  So when Sephora offered free 2-day shipping for the rest of the year for $10 or maybe it was $20, I scooped that right up. 

Shipping is immediate, within 24 hours.  Most of my orders did come within 2-3 days, the Naked3 palette took 4 for example. 

And that's what I like about Sephora.  They know their customer.  They ship fast, their communication is superb, ship with samples, have a generous rewards program, have Friends & Family sales and give out a $15-$20 giftcard near the end of the year.  It's strategic and effective at satisfying the customer and at keeping us ordering!

And order did I with the free 2 day shipping which I hope that they offer again next year!

Over the summer, end of August to be exact, I placed an order for Soap & Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser and I noticed that I had over 350 points so I cashed them in on various deluxe samples and just assumed I was a VIB after that order or very close to it.  I didn't realize that you had to spend $350 in a single calendar year, January to December.  I was over $200 away...  Oh the disappointment!

In November, I noticed that I was $168 away.  I thought never am I going to make it this year.  But after trading some Victoria Secret cards for Beauty Insider gift cards (thanks ladies!) it quickly became a reality and my last order of NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder, earned me Very Important Beauty Insider baby!

Now what does this mean?

Shop the 20% off VIB sale.
VIB gifts.
Double/Triple point ordering periods.
In-store events (that I probably won't be able to take advantage of).
Opportunities to order new products first.

But VIB Rouge is really something to strive for! 

After a $1000 spent at Sephora, you become VIB Rouge.  Everything VIB plus free shipping on all orders and special gifts.  At first I thought no way, but I definitely (sadly but happily!) spend $1000 a year on skincare, Clarisonic brush heads, makeup, nail files, oil blotting sheets, foundations, powders, eye primers, makeup removers... 

I just checked my status and it seems that I am $644 away.  Hmm...  But will my points start back at zero January 1st?  I think so.

So here are my most recent purchases that put me into VIB status:

I did use 3 $15 Beauty Insider gift cards that I traded Victoria's Secret Secret Rewards cards saving me $45 total which was a nice bonus. 

1. Not pictured are of course, an expensive necessity, Clarisonic brush heads twin pack-Deep Pore.

2. Naked3

3. NARS Cream Blush in Enchanted which was on sale for $10!  Couldn't resist with free shipping.  :)

4. NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder.  I was torn between this and the Hour Glass Ambient Lighting powder but ultimately went with this.  I'm nearing the end of my Rimmel Stay Matte powder which has not been sitting nicely on my skin as of late.  I've hit major pan, not sure if it's old, my skin is a bit dryer, the wrong color but it's translucent...  I needed a change.

5. Shiseido eyelash curler which was a major necessity after my Urban Decay eyelash curlers broke off my lashes!  I'm not sure if I was over due changing the rubber pad or what but the outside of my right eye and the inside of my left eye lashes were stubs for about a month.  We are talking almost midway about 1/2 inch.  I will do a review on the Shiseido so look for that soon!

Are you a Beauty Insider, VIB or VIB rouge?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Naked3 by Urban Decay

"They" (the internets) said it was coming.  Pictures surfaced on French blogs unexpectedly, cries of deception and fake palettes, photos of Sephora receipts as proof on Instagram and then Boom!  November release date in the good 'ole US of A. 

I had Naked3 in my cart at 10am on UrbanDecay.com.  Checked back later and darn, it was sold out... to my relief though.  I felt a bit guilty, well a lot guilty buying an extravagant gift for myself so close to Christmas.

Then the December release date at Sephora.  I of course stayed up on December 5 waiting for a midnight release, consequently fell asleep and then woke up after midnight.  A couple of days previous, Sephora gave out its annual Beauty Insider and VIB/VIB Rouge Gift Cards so of course I ended up ordering!

Looking back at my photo files on my computer I see that it has been almost exactly a year from when I took pictures of the Naked Basics palette.  Time flies when you're getting Naked!

The palette itself is similar to the Naked2 with the plastic/metal concept. I really like it.  It snaps securely closed and it is a hard case.  There are 2 "teeth" if you will, on the top of the case that snap into the bottom of the palette.  In my Naked 2 case, I just recently noticed that one of these snapped off.  It still closes securely, but I noticed with Naked3 you have to push the top lid over just slightly when closing to make sure that they fit in their respective grooves.  If that makes sense...

I do find that the double ended brush is a bit stiff.  I use my original Naked brush everyday to apply my Bobbi Brown corrector and Naked2 double ended brush for lining with powder and blending.  I see myself using this new brush for under brow and inner lid highlight and maybe cream shadows.

All in all I think that this is a lovely palette, as with the other 2.  The shadows are the same quality and consistency of the previous and should not be a disappointment for us UD fans unless of course the fans really set on a matte palette. 

I think that we all thought that this installment was going to be all matte.  There is a want and a need for matte shadows.  They break up the shimmer and glitter and transform an eye look by giving it dimension.  And that is what the Naked Basics does for us. But Naked Basics left something more to be desired.  Yet most of us (raise of hands please!) use it faithfully everyday...

The next Naked Basics2 will probably be a more warmer palette.  Expect that next year in December.  You heard it here first!  Kidding, I have no idea what UD HQ is brainstorming or developing at the moment.  To be on that team though...  Dare to dream! 

Rest  assured it's coming.  I can feel it!  UD is trying to formulate the best matte shadows EVER!

But I love my shimmer!  Keep Bringing it UD!  And Naked3 does not disappoint.  2 "chunky" glitters, 3 mattes, and 2-3 satins, 4-5 shimmers, depending upon your subjective view.  Lights, darks...  This palette has it all in the ever popular rose gold color scheme.  The range is there for 10's of dozens of eye looks as with the first 2 and now we have 3 to play around with!!!

Did you pick up Naked3?  Which one is your favorite in the Naked series?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Gems at Big Lots

I was just minding my business last night, walking into Big Lots for the usual suspects, ie cotton rounds, nose pore strips, makeup remover wipes, travel sized tissue packs for the kids' backpacks when I see familiar looking glass pots on the shelf.

Double take...  Maybelline Color Tattoos?  I had no idea what collection this was so immediately I grab my phone and ascertain that this was the duochrome collection I passed up on this year.  Spring 2013 One, because of Makeout 2013 and secondly, I didn't need anymore more Color Tattoos at $6 a pop.  But for $1 a piece at Big Lots, it was difficult not to put them in my shopping basket.

I really like these cotton rounds.  I use them for nail polish removal and eye makeup remover and they hold up and are relatively lint free.  The first time I tried them, I didn't have any lint issues whatsoever, but different toners with different concentrations of acids etc cause them to breakdown more or less depending on the product in which you are using.  Overall at $1.20 for 100, I'm very happy with them.

The last time I bought Biore nose strips, in fact the last 2 times, they did not work at all.  A lot of pain on the take off and white "glue" left on my nose.  So I was done with all nose strips until I saw the Epielle brand for a $1 at Big Lots.  I'm hooked.  They are not perfect, but they clear out gunk in your pores.  I just remember back in the day being in awe of all the disgusting crap Biore was able to extract from my pores.  Epielle isn't a miracle, but at least you can see results upon peeling the strip off your nose, unlike Biore recently.

And of course, here are the Maybelline tattoos!  I believe that there are 2 more in this collection but in my haste, I just grabbed the 6. 

I have a pretty large collection of Color Tattoos.  I have about 20 of them.  Now, I never pay full price for anything if I can help it.  But I'm sure a couple of them, I did.  Maybelline coupons are hard to come by so the only alternative is to buy at Walmart for $5.84 (I don't know where that number came from, rough estimate), $1 more at Target or $2-$3 more in the drugstore. 
But in the drugstore you can take advantage of BOGO 50% off sales and rewards.  At Target you can occasionally pair a Target coupon with a Manufacturer's Coupon, mobile coupon or now Cartwheel... So seeing these for $1, it's difficult to pass up these babies.
On my oily eyelids, I have found by experience these will crease.  I have to use a primer.  Currently, Urban Decay primer is working out really well.  Before that I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance which works well too when the tube is newer, though after a year, it starts to fail even though you still have 1/2 a tube left...  They also work well under powder shadows, further setting them up and making them budge proof.
Up first, Seashore Frosts

Cool Crush

Waves of White

Sandy Shores

Icy Mint

 Blue Paradise



And swatches in the same order:
Sandy Shores
Cool Crush
Waves of White
Sandy Shores
Icy Mint
Blue Paradise

They just glisten in the sun!  Each pot has varying degrees of pigmentation.  These are best layered under a dark liner, dark creamy shadow, used in the inner corner or the center of the lid for a pop of shine. 

My only complaint is that Big Lots put a plastic tag on the jars to hang them on the shelf.  When pealing off the hanging tag, it tears off the label.  I'm a bit OCD about nice, neat and clean labels but since I store them upside down to keep them from drying out too quickly, I'll live.  :)

I hope you can find these at your local Big Lots.  My store had about 4-5 sets.  Some were kind of haphazardly placed behind other products on the shelf, others were hanging.

Good luck!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Walgreens Friends and Family Event 12-13-12

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Walgreens is having a Friends and Family event tomorrow, one day only!  15% off your total purchase (20% off Walgreens brands)!!!

Check your inbox!

Here's the link!

If you text CHEER to 21525, Walgreens will text the coupon to your phone.  Love that.

Be sure to share with your friends and family!  :)

Happy shopping!

New Beauty Test Tube

Oh sample subscription services...  I can't quit you.  And this most recent New Beauty Testtube is awesome!  It's just jam packed with beauty goodness.

If you are not familiar with New Beauty, it's a sample subscription service that is mailed every 2 months or 6 times a year.  It is $29.95 plus shipping which is I believe $8.95.  The products come in an actual tube.

This is my 3rd tube I believe, I first ordered through QVC which I will do again next time because of Easy Pay! I just took a sneak peak at the next one and all my favorite brands are included, It Cosmetics, Peter Thomas Roth, Mally, Perricone MD, Bliss... Ugh, so difficult to say no! And QVC shipping is lower than through the New Beauty website.

Let's start off with  Lumene Time Freeze CC Cream. This is a full size retailing at $14.99. The day this came in the mail (close to a month ago?  I've lost track.) I had just come across this product in either CVS or Walgreens.  I have really enjoyed the Lumene range and have tried loads of their products. I used to love Lumene's time freeze stick.  It had a hefty price tag too, $19.99.  Side note... In some CVS', it's on clearance right now for $9.99!  I've seen it both on clearance and not on clearance at different CVS locations.  Strange...

I received the CC Cream in light which seems like a good color match for me.  I would say that this has medium coverage, neutral to yellow undertone, 20 SPF and a slight matte finish.  So far so good! I'm almost out of my Rachel K CC cream (Update:  I just finished it today!) so this is perfect timing to give Arctic Lingonberry (key ingredient) a spin.  :)

Glo therapeutics refresh facial polish.  A full size at 1.7 fl oz retails at $24.  This sample is 1 fl oz. Again, perfect timing.  I have 1 more use of my Sibu exfoliator.  Did New Beauty spy in my bathroom to see what I needed?  Lol. It has a fresh lemony mint scent.  Essential oils and jojoba beads...  It is a smaller grit polish which I enjoy using on my face.

Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Nourishing Body Lotion.  Full size 10 fl oz $42. This has an interesting scent.  A bit masculine, clean, spicy...  I like it!  The description says it contains patchouli. This is a great winter scent.  It might become my new favorite!

Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.  I haven't used Dove shampoo in a few years so it will be nice to try it out again.

Votive Icy Blue Pine. This is full size and costs $15.  Tiny candle but says the burn time is 40 hours. This candle is the quintessential smell of the holidays.  We have a fake tree this year because of family that will be visiting with allergies so this candle gives me the Christmas tree smell that I am missing this year! The pine scent is balanced nicely with cedar.

StriVectin-EV Get Even Brightening Serum.  Full size 1.7 fl oz, $89 and the sample is 1 fl oz.  Nice sample size for a pricey serum! I just finished my Avalon Organics Vitamin C serum. I haven't repurchased because I couldn't decide weather I liked it or not or if it made a difference but I did finish up the bottle.  Vitamin C is great for brightening so I will check back in a couple of weeks to update you on how well this product is working.  I like the smell of this one, orang- perfumey.  Not too strong but if you have an aversion to scented products, this one isn't for you.

Vasoline lip therapy in rosy lip tint. Full size $1.99. I've had this in the plain variety.  This has a rose tint and rose fragrance.  It is very light and feels good on the lips.  The tint is pretty too.  I think the packaging is adorbs but dipping my finger and getting product under my fingernail has never been a fave if mine!

Camille Becjman Glycerine Hand Therapy in French Vanilla. A full size is 6 fl oz for $12.49.  Now vanilla is really one of my favorite scents but this is neither overalls sweet or overpowering. It's more like a vanilla buttercream.  I really like it.  And my hands feel very soft after it absorbed rather quickly.  Well done.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease. straight Fixation Smoothing Creme.  I don't think that I have tried this before. I've been blow drying my hair a lot lately so this will come in handy to prevent my hair from drying out and flyaways.

Last but not least...

Also the Testtube comes with some bonus samples!  Only 2 this month.  Another John Frieda Frizz-Ease product and a foil packet of eraclea pure hydration serum/zinc.  It's made with HylaSponge System which sounds very interesting!

I am very pleased with the contents of this Testtube.  I'm looking forward to using all of the products!

Have you tried New Beauty Testtube?  What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So, I found myself in CVS again... Clearance Part II

I don't know how it happened.  I got into my car and BAM!  There I was at the far CVS, the far and fully stocked CVS.  Score!  I was able to get everything on my list!  Yay!  So much better then my wasted trip on Sunday.  I basically grabbed everything that I had coupons for. 

I broke it into 2 transactions which made the lady at the register really happy!  Actually she was a gem.  We had some issues with coupons.  Some weren't scanning.  I think it was because she was waving the coupons really fast under the scanner.  I wanted to tell her to hold them still...  :)

Transaction #1:

Colgate Optic White Mouthwash (huge bottles!) on sale for $5.99, had 2/$2 MCs, $5 ECB. 
Out of pocket expense (OOP): $3.82
ECBs earned: $6

Rolled these ECB into next transaction.

Transaction #2:

2 packages of Scott's paper towels, on sale $4.99 had 2/$1 CVS coupons
Nicole by OPI Modern Family Back in My Gloria Days, clearance $1.99
Sally Hansen Gem Crush Lady Luck $1.99
Revlon Lip Gloss Crystal Water $2.12, $2 MC
Revlon Lip Gloss Sunset Peach $2.12, $2 MC
Got2b Powder'ful volumizing styling powder $3.74 x2, $3 MC
Pantene Beautiful Lengths conditioner $3.49, $1 MC
Pantene Stylers Gel, $3.39, $2 MC
VO5 Hot Oil Shower Works $3.49x2, $1MC x2
Soft Soap Raspberry $1.88, $1 CVS coupon
Shower puff $1.88, $1 CVS coupon
Aveeno lotion x2, BOGO 50%, $2 MCx2
Physician's Formula Palette Powder in Creamy natural $3.74

This transaction got a little tricky.  Some clearance items did not scan up at the clearance price, some barcodes were unrecognized and then like I said previously, coupons weren't scanning.  So it got a little frustrating, especially when you have all your coupons in nice neat piles (I had 20 pieces of coupons and ECBs) to hand them over one by one and then your cashier grabs them and starts scanning them as she sees fit. 

I like to hand them over not just because I am OCD, but to prevent mistakes.  Countless times I have found that a coupon didn't scan, or scanned incorrectly or the person at the register will say I didn't get that product or numerous other reasons.  It is just so much easier to address each coupon individually and make sure it goes through correctly the first time before the sale is complete.  It's a nightmare to go back and fix it after you have paid.  Everybody gets in a tiffy, the cashier, manager, people on line behind you who are waiting and shaking their head because you are taking the time to save...

But today, I didn't want to be that couponer, so I just sat back and let her figure out the mess.  I heard a lot of, "the computer is smart, it knows when you can use a coupon or not."  And at one point she said I couldn't use the Revlon coupon because then I would only be paying 12 cents for a lip gloss.  What?  That's why I am buying it with a coupon, so I am only spending 12 cents on it. :)

FYI when handing over your coupons, do it in this order...

1. CVS coupons
2. MC coupons
3. ECB's

For the transaction I had the following:
6 CVS coupons, $8 total:
$1 off shower puff
$1 off soft soap
$2 off $8 hair, shampoo, styler, treatment purchase
$2 off $10 hand/body lotion purchase
2x$1 off Scott's Product

9 MCs totaling $16

$6 from Transaction #1
$21 from Black Friday

It took about 20 minutes for it all to get straightened out.  She said I did "pretty good."  I agree with that statement. 

My subtotal was $10.34 which I am happy with since in years past, I've paid that for tube of Aveeno lotion and with no coupon in a pinch. 

But I'm going to try to stay away from CVS for a while.  Pinky swear. 

Here is OPI Modern Family Back in My Gloria Days...  The sky literally turned black and it started pouring just as I took this photo but its a pretty pink, orange, purple multichrome shift.  You can see the orange/bronze more in the bottle than on the nail.  Pretty color!

Here is Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Lady Luck.  This is a matte finish.  I have on 3 coats and a top coat.  This polish would do better with a darker basecoat first and maybe 2 coats of Lady Luck.  I actually bought this one to make a Christmas bulb!  More on that later!  I'm a sucker for holographic glitter!