Friday, March 15, 2013

What's in my makeup bag- work travel edition

Here's a look into the makeup bag I packed for a recent overnight travel work trip.  I occasionally travel for work, maybe once a month.  When I do travel for work, I work 36 hours straight.   I do sleep (more like a brief rest) but for the 6 hours I am not "sleeping," there is no time for touch ups.  I need to pack reliable and fool-proof products.

I got this makeup bag late last year from the Hautelook Beauty Bag that they offered on Black Friday.  For $20, the samples that were included were meh, but this is a good size makeup bag, with a liner and I use it all the time.  It's big enough to store everything you need. 


I will start off my everyday deodorant, Donna Karan Cashmere Mist.  This is the best deodorant I have every encountered.  I do not sweat really unless I am at the gym so I do not need an anti-perspirant on the regular but this deodorant works really well with my chemistry and I don't have to worry about a thing (smelling) using this product.  It's a bit pricey at $15 for 1.7 oz but I bought this back in July I believe and it's just about running out.  I don't live anywhere close to Nordstrom, but they offer free shipping on-line so that's a bonus.


I just grabbed a Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain just so I could throw something on that looked natural and would last.  It doesn't last all day but my lips tend to start off pale in the morning and brighten up during the day or it's just my makeup wearing off.  Probably the latter!  :)  This is in Honey.



I packed EverCreme Intense Nourishing Shampoo that I actually didn't even use.  But I love the EverCreme line by L'OREAL and this is a nice sized sample.  The line is very gentle and moisturizing. 

The hotel I was staying at provided Crabtree and Evelyn Avocado, Olive Oil and Basil line and I must say that I had a very good hair day.  I will be picking up a set in the future for sure.  $18 a bottle is a bit steep, but the results were really good.  I also like the LaSource line of shampoo and conditioner which I also discovered at another hotel at which I stayed.  Good stuff!

I also brought a dry shampoo just in case I didn't have time to wash my hair.  It is quite oily so in order to look presentable, I need to wash my hair almost every day.  I had a sample of Oscar Blandi volumizing dry shampoo from a Birchbox a while ago.  It works really well and that sticky, filminess of dry shampoo sprays is very minimal with this one.  And it smells nice!


Frequently, I will squeeze out a foil sample packet into a plastic jar with a lid.  A small sample packet can last you 1-2 weeks.  Seriously try it!  I forgot what is in this jar, it might be something from Kiehl's.  :)

Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Eye Roller just has really convenient packaging for travel.  I roll this on all the time and it's pretty effective at hydrating your undereye area in a light weight form.  As far as wrinkles is concerned, I'm not really sure.  I am starting to get a few fine lines here and there as part of the natural aging process of collagen breakdown.  Does this eliminate them?  No, but it's very soothing and the extra light moisture doesn't seem to hurt.

I also packed RAWskincare Ambiant Eye Treatment for my night time routine.  Again, I feel like I need some extra moisture under my eyes but I haven't seen a huge improvement after using this product.

epielle cucumber cleansing tissues can be found at Big Lots and yes they are only $1 for 30 wipes.  They aren't the thickest wipes nor the most wet that I have ever tried but for $1, you cannot go wrong with these.  They remove makeup for the most part. I still need a separate eye makeup remover and I do not use these exclusively for cleansing so they work well for my purposes.  Also did I mention that they are only a dollar?

Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit foaming scrub has a nice scent and is pretty effective at thoroughly cleaning the skin without over-stripping and drying.  I have combo/oily skin, more oily t-zone, mostly normal cheeks.  I enjoyed using this and the packaging is conveniently tiny.

I had the empty box of mdskincare Dr. Dennis Gross 4-in-1 Facial Treatment wipes in my last empties post but I found 3 more in my makeup bag.  Yes!  But this is the absolute last one.  No! I might have to breakdown and buy these. Cleansing, balancing, treating and toning in one step.  Do I just do the one step, no, but I use these as a balancer, treatement and tonor.  So it's a 3-n-1 for me!


This Too Faced Primed and Poreless is in the perfect travel size.  This sample has lasted me a really long time as well.  I just use this in my t-zone.  Believe it or not, less is more for me in terms of skincare.  It may seem like I fly through products but I do use them sparingly so for this like a pea size amount is plenty for my t-zone.

Urban Decay Primer Potion works really well for my eye lids to prevent creasing.  I use either Urban Decay or Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  Both work really well on my oily lids.  I think that this my last sample in the "vintage" packaging thankfully.  Blending-wise, I think Too Faced provides a better surface though. 

I also packed this sample of Atzen Balance Protective Day Cream just in case my skin was a little dry.  I did use it that morning and I can say it did not make my skin overly oily during the day I was working.  The directions say 1/4 to 1/8 teaspoon for the entire face and neck and is a perfect base for makeup. I definitely used less than that to cover my entire face and neck.  I focus more on my cheeks and neck and avoid my t-zone.  I might look into a full size of this.  I don't see any SPF information on the sample bottle.

I will include L'Occitane Moisturizing Lip Balm in the primer category because I used this to moisturize my lips before any lip products that I apply and at night.  Good stuff.  I like that it is Natural and Organic certified and is made with shea butter.


After priming I go in with Rachel K CC Cream and press it into my skin concentrating in my t-zone and working out towards my cheeks.  I really didn't need to use a separate primer but since I wasn't going to have time for touchups in 12 hours, I just wanted some extra priming on board.   I love Rachel K CC Cream.  It's moisturizing enough just to use alone in warm weather but since it has been very cold and dry down here in NC, I have been using a separate moisturizer most days.   It conceals the redness in my cheeks very well and gives me a smooth and even surface for my foundation.  When days I am running out the door, this is usually all I need and a little blush or bronzer.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 52 Vanilla.  This is just a touch too dark right now.  But this foundation works well with Rachel K, has a semi-matte finish and is a medium to full coverage for me.  I just need a tiny bit.  I can also mix it with a moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer with it which I have done in the past.

Mineralogie U2 Ultimate Cream Concealer is just that.  Great coverage, minimal under eye creasing.  I concentrate it just in the bluish smudge just under my eye (not the entire under eye area) and press it gently in, altogether avoiding any under eye creases that I have.  I also grabbed my L'OREAL true match crayon concealer in fair/light, n1-2-3 to layer over it just in case I needed something extra.  I also use this to conceal around my nose.  The Mineralogie is just a little too moisturizing in that area as I tend to get oily around my nose.

theBalm Sexy Mama finishing powder and Hot Mama! blush are perfect travel packaging.  They are small and compact and come in paper sleeves to prevent them from flying open in your makeup bag.  Sexy Mama is just a touch too dark but I made it work.  Hot Mama! is one of those peachy Nars Orgasm dupes.  I didn't feel the need to pack a bronzer with this one.

Love L'Oreal Infallibles...  I just need these two for a full, no fuss eye.  Bronzed Taupe all over the lid and blended up into the crease, Iced Latte in the inner corner.  I used 2 liners as well.  AVON Glimmersticks in Brown Glow blended out on the upper and lower lash line gives a bronzey glow and Physicians Formula brown liner from the trio for brown eyes is a cool, toned dark chocolate brown for tight lining the upper and lower lash line.  The combination of the two liners really make my blue eyes pop.  Love the way that they look together.  I probably should get backups.  They also do no budge, smudge or run.  I tend to get watery eyes throughout the day, these do not move.

I packed two mascaras.  Smachbox Full Exposure and blinc.  I use Smashbox first to lengthen and build volume and blinc just locks everything in place and holds my curl all day.  blinc is kind of annoying to remove as it forms these little tubes over your eyelashes but I can deal with it if it means my curl will last.

 Oil Control:

Rachel K CC Cream works like a charm but shine is inevitable so blotting papers are a must for me.  I really like this sample pack of Shiseido that I have been using.  They work amazingly well.  I only have to blot once or twice a day with these.  Other sheets 3-4 times.  It may seem that all blotting papers do the same thing which they do, soak up that oil but there is something about this particular brand and their lasting power that works with my skin.    Shiseido was the first brand of blotting powders that I tried back in college.  They may have been the first actually.

So that's what I brought on my most recent overnight work trip.  Thanks for peeking into my makeup bag!!!  :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Makeout 2013

Yeah, I'm a little late to the YouTube party but better late than never right?

Last year was a huge reality check for me in terms of what I had been spending at the drugstore on stuff.  Just stuff!  It took me a year to use up dozens of skincare items, shampoos, lotions, toothpaste...  The list goes on and on of the "stuff" I had stockpiled from my 2010 and 2011 coupon days.

Did I save money?  I sure did, hundreds, probably thousands.  Did I need all that "stuff?"  Nope.  Did I still spend hundreds probably closer to a couple grand on stuff that I really didn't need?  Yes.  It was sheer madness.  I thought by using coupons and saving money, justified the purchases.  Couponing started off with good intentions.  I bought lots of cereal, toilet paper and cleaners nearly for free.  Did we use these items?  Yes we did.

Drugstore shopping was a blast.  Rolling rewards (CVS extra care bucks, Walgreens Register Rewards and Rite Aid +up rewards) and leaving with bags of "stuff" was so much fun for me.  Getting paid to "buy" 4 Nivea body wash and 3 bottles of John Frieda shampoo?  Yes please!   That is until reality hit.  What was I going to do with all this "stuff?"  Where was I going to store it?  Would I ever use it all?  Listen, I wasn't a stockpiler like an extreme couponer, but I had enough to fill up 2 bathrooms.  Enough was enough.

So how did I do in 2012?  Here is my original post...  link!  Lots of cross outs!  I finished every bottle of shampoo, conditioner and every tube of toothpaste.  I did have a little help.  We are a family of 5.  :)  I gave away a lot, pitched some that I know I didn't like and returned items to AVON.

I still have hair products to use as well as self tanners and face masks.  These are things that I use infrequently and take a long time to finish!  The cloth drawer cabinet was emptied as I finished the products and re-purposed the drawers.  And here is what my bathroom cabinets look like now!



The only shampoo I have is now in my shower.  It feels good.  It took my 11 months to go through most of the items.  I did buy somethings in December.  Do I still have a lot of skincare items?  Yes.  I love skincare.   My motivation to finish those items is to go more natural.  I'm doing research on essential oils and I want to make my own cleaners and serums.  I will leave skincare for another post!  :)

Now that I have that situation under some control, it is now time for Makeout 2013.  

I'm going to go through categories and what I need to use up before I repurchase.  Some categories will be impossible to fully "use up."  Those being for starters, foundations.  I have never used an entire foundation.  I came close to Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream.  Blushes, most eyeliners, most eyeshadow, lipsticks and lipgloss also have proven to be quite difficult to use up before the dreaded expiration.  The sheer quantity I have of each category fully prevents this from happening.

My goal for Makeout 2013 is to get my makeup collection to a reasonable amount of products.  Reasonable to me that is...


I have 9.

None of them truly work on their own to conceal my new dark undereye circles (thanks stressful job and insomnia) and redness around my nose.  I am a cosmetic mixologist.  The Rimmel Match Perfection is too dark.  I mix with either of the 2 Maybelline Mineral Power concealers.  They are also both nearing 2.5 to 3 years old.  Really need to think about pitching them.  They were CVS clearance items when we lived in NY State.  (Since we moved to NC 2 years ago, I have a pretty good idea how old everything is... If I didn't buy it while we have been here, it's over 2 years old.)  The Rimmel is a recent purchase since the first of the year.  It was to replace the 2 Maybelline ones...  Time to pitch.  So now I have 7.

Glamoflage I believe I bought here in NC so it's almost 2 years old.  It took my forever to find it in stock.  It works well but in the summer it just adds to my oil slick.  It also has a tendency to separate...  Philosophy was a Big Lots purchase from last summer.  I forgot all about it!  It's a bit light but since it is so moisturizing, it has worked well this winter.  Mineralogie is a Beauty Army sample.  It is thick and works really well.  It's about a year old.  It can crease under my eye if I am not careful.

My 2 brighteners: L'OREAL Magic Lumi and Maybelline Instant Age Rewind.  Both work but the Maybelline Brightener really highlights my pores and circles.  Not the best look.  Might be good to mix it with the darker Rimmel.

Makeout 2013:  When the 7 remaining are used up I want to purchase a NARS concealer or the Kat Von D and the Giorgio Armani Master Correcter in #1.  That's my motivation to use these up.  :)


Woah, that's a lot.

I know for a fact that I have bought the following eyeliners since moving to NC and they are the only ones I use on a regular basis except for the blue liners:  

Urban Decay 24/7 liners from Hautelook sale
Milani Easyliner in Espresso
Milani Liquif'eye in Brown
Cargo Eye Bronzer from Glossybox
AVON Glimmersticks in mocha flash, nocturnal, brown glow
Tarte empasEYES inner rim brightener
Cargo EyeBronzer from a Glossybox
Stila  smudge stick in blue ribbon from a Birchbox
Ofra eyebrow from Glossybox.  Well that's an eyebrow pencil that I never use.
BareMinerals Big & Bright Eyeliner in Midnight.  Got it for free with a $5 purchase.  I bought a $5 gift card. 
Rimmel Spark it Up! in peridot.  This was a Walgreens clearance item.
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on in Elderado was a free item from a purchase.  

All the others are more than 2 years old.  Technically eyeliners can be kept up to a year.  So I'm going to pull one brown PF that I use all the time and the MAC Surf Baby collection liner in Gilded White and the 2 clinique liners and toss the rest.  Since I don't use them, I'm not going to keep them.  I believe the Clinique cream shapers run on me so I will try them out this week.  If they run, they are gone as well.

New drawer!


Makeout 2013:  There aren't any eyeliners that I have been wanting other than more Urban Decay.  But since I have enough to last me for another 5 years.  No more eyeliners this year... period...  If I run out of black, I can get a black to replace it, etc.  But I don't typically reach for black eyeliner, I can use a black shadow as a liner.


I have a modest amount of lippies.  I tend to favor the sheer varieties, i.e. lipbutters and lipgloss.  Just a quick glance into this drawer I've already tossed 2.  L'OREAL Infalliable Never Fail in 730 Grenadine.  I've had it close to 2 years and never been worn.  Also the NYX Lip Smacking in Earth Angel was worn a couple of times probably 4 years ago.  Time to let them go!  Also the L'OREAL Endless in Timeless Tawny is way too brown on me and that taste.  YUCK!  The other 2 L'OREAL's I have Cheryl Cole limited edition 297 Red Passion and 800 Fairest Nude both have that iconic smell and taste but to a lesser degree.

I don't need another nude lipstick.  I have 3; Maybelline Colorsensational Nude Nuances 865 and Revlon Fashion's Night Pout and Ungaro by AVON Lip color in Champagne.  Great formula by the way.  Very creamy.  Limited Edition from a few years ago.  I also have 2 Revlon Super Lustrous in 651 Porcelain Pink and 205 Champagne on Ice.

I'm looking at the Mary Kay's right now. I have 3.  Each bought for special occasions, specifically Marine Corps Birthday Balls.  Sweet Nectar, Whipped Berries and Inspiration.  Lipsticks can last up to 4 years.  I've had these 4-5 years.  They still smell the same.  I will keep these but if I don't wear them in 2013.  It will be time to toss them.

New drawer!

Makeout 2013:  I love my Revlon Lip butters but I don't need any more but I reserve the right to hit up a 40% off sale this year.  Same goes for the L'OREAL Colour Caresse Wet Shines...  Thankfully I don't need to shell out another $30 for a YSL.  :)


I have too many for my liking.  I remember driving all over the place looking for the Milani Haute Flash and they look ridiculous on me straight out of the tube. But I can't part with them.  I can mix them with other lip products to make them work.

I have one Revlon Colorburst in Strawberry Fraise.  I wear it during the summer.  I remember grabbing this from a CVS in NY right before we moved.  It was bundled with a Grow Luscious Mascara.  I have one MAC Lipglass from the Hey, Sailor Collection.  I love the Cover Girl natureluxe gloss balms.  Not as much as the Revlon Lipbutters though.  These are old, pushing 4 years.  I still reach for them.

I've never worn the Lorac.  I've tested them out but most of the time it's too hot in NC to have stickiness on your lips.  lol  They are starting to lose their watermelon scent.  Great Hautelook sale but such as waste.  :( 

I've narrowed it down to the few that I am keeping.  They fit in 1 drawer now!  Pitching what doesn't fit.

Makeout 2013: No more!  I forgot to mention the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains.  I have 2 and 1 Tarte Lip Surgence.  I don't need anymore of course but I reserve the right to hit up a 40% off sale at the drugstore.  But since I have a variety of colors, I probably won't.

L'OREAL infalliable eyeshadows:

Yes I have these in a separate category.  I have 19 of them.  Most from the permanent collection and from the all the limited edition collections that I can pull off.  I love these shadows.  They are effortless for me.  I can slap them on and run out the door.

Makeout 2013:  I can purchase more but they have to be unique and wearable colors for me.

Maybelline Eye Tattoos:

Yup, I've separated these out as well.  Another drugstore standout for me.  I have 16 of them. And a L'OREAL HiP cream liner...  some of these are better than others in terms of pigmentation and blendability.  I use Inked in Pink, Pomegranate Punk, Bad to the Bronze, Barely Branded and Barely Beige all the time.

Makeout 2013:  Unless the color is to die for, I cannot purchase another one.

All other eyeshadows:

I have too many.  So many palettes in fact that I started selling unopened and untouched palettes on eBay.  I couldn't justify holding on to them anymore.  These are my go to palettes and eyeshadow mostly because I keep them easily accessible. 

All 3 Urban Decay Naked Palettes, WetNWild Comfort Zone, Vanity and Brulee and Stila Cloud.

One day I will do a collection post.  I've done bits and pieces of over the years.  At the moment, it is too intense for me to handle.  lol  I've given a lot to my niece and she is about to get a lot more.

Makeout 2013:  I can buy the Lorac Pro Palette.  INLGOT if and only if I gift out most of my Wet n' Wild and various other drugstore eyeshadow palettes.


I've hit pan on the Rimmel Stay Matte in Transparent, PF Healthy Wear in Translucent Light and PF Bamboo Wear in Creamy Natural.  The PF Bamboo Wear has a bit of a shimmer to it.  Some days I like it, others I don't.  It's also about 4-5 years old. I need to let it go.

The Benefit Sexy Mama is a bit dark on me right now but I can work with it.  I love the Airspun Loose Face Powder but I want to finish it up so I can try something else.  The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind is usually in my bag for touch ups.  I have been using the Colorscience over the winter as it is quite light.  

I don't reach for the Milani or the Lorac.  Milani is too dark right now and very full coverage.  Lorac is a nice undereye concealer powder that I really should be using more of!

I just got the Tarte sample with an order.  The color is a touch darker than Sexy Mama so it might be an early summer match.

Makeout 2013:  Every single powder that I own needs to be used until significant pan is showing and then I can purchase new.  I really want to try Bare Minerals again or Laura Mercier Loose setting powder.


I can skip this category as I have 5 samples to work through and I have no full size mascara currently.  I'm not sure what I want to try next.  Maybelline Falsies worked nicely.  I do need a waterproof.  

Makeout 2013:  I can buy one mascara at a time.  Urban Decay Cannonball has been calling out to me!


Blush is a little insane right now.  I'm not sure what I like and what I don't.  They are all pretty old.  The PF ones I reach for the most but I really don't need much on my cheeks as they are naturally quite pink.  The cream Maybelline ones seem a bit frosty on me right now.  Not a good look.

I wear the MAC Hey Sailor Highlight powder as a blush one almost every day.  

Not pictured... the 2 NARS Nordstrom LE cheek palettes that I haven't touched.  What I need to do is donate these blushers and open up the NARS palettes.  I almost sold them on eBay but I just couldn't part with them.

Makeout 2013:  I keep wanting to get some new Milani baked blushes as well.  Basically I need to find some good blush.  Any suggestions?


Most of these bronzers are too dark, too brown, too orange, too shimmery.  Most of the time I can get NYC sunny to work but not in the contour.  I look too done up.  Not a very natural look for me.  Maybe I'm uncontourable.  Is that possible?  :)

I've been trying to find NYX Taupe in stock...anywhere...  Ulta,,,  No luck!

Makeout 2013:  NYX Taupe or an equivalent.  Or Benefit Hoola.  Haven't tried that one yet!


I don't need any more.  I'm good.

Makeout 2013:  Don't even think about it.  My oil provides enough highlight.  Thank you very much genetics.

So basically, I can't buy until I use up.  For serious.  Except for those categories where I am giving myself some wiggle room.  Sounds awkward but I need to have realistic and achievable goals right?

I'm going to lump foundations in with skincare in it's own separate post next.  Most are BB creams so it's justified.  ;)

Are you participating in a Makeout 2013 or reducing your purchases on cosmetics this year? 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1st of the year empties!!!

I have a brown paper shopping bag of empties so I figure it's time for a review!  And tomorrow is garbage/recycling day.  What better motivation than to clear a little clutter out of the house!

I still have to finish a 2012 wrap up but I can say that I've been super frugal so far this year.  No more stockpiling, I'm using up samples instead of saving them (for what, I have no idea), not buying any makeup, well not much anyway!  I'm working on only mascara samples.  Umm, 3 to be exact.  Don't judge.  And I have 2 more ready to go.  I only have one shampoo and one conditioner in the shower right now.  I'm sure the hubby is really happy about the decrease in shower clutter!

So here they are!


1.  Pantene Beautiful Lengths Breakage Defense Shampoo:  Good stuff.  Not sure if my hair is less prone to breakage using this product but it smells nice and leaves my hair soft and shiny.  I'm not planing on repurchasing any time soon but if I saw it on-sale, I would grab it.

2.  L'OREAL Preference Mega Browns BR7 Chocolate:  My go to color.  I will absolutely repurchase over and over and over again... 

3.  Rimmel Gentle Eye Make Up Remover:  I am on my 3rd bottle of this.  It doesn't last long but it works really well.  It's very effective at removing all eye makeup.  I haven't used waterproof mascara in a while so I haven't tested it out on that but everything else melts away with no streaking.  Love it!

4.  N.4 High Performance Hair Care Lumiere d'hiver Clarifying Shampoo:  I'm not sure about this one.  It takes some work to emulsify the product into a usable consistency to lather t through the hair.  It is super thick and concentrated.  This was a Birchbox or Glossybox sample.  It strips color out so I can vouch for the clarifying aspect of it.  Oh and it smells nice.  I won't buy a full size though.

5 & 6.  Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner:  This is pretty good stuff.  I would pick this up again during an AVON sale.  I like the smell and the way it leaves my hair soft and clean.  I bought this in a set with a bottle of Moroccan hair oil which I use every day on my straight from the shower.   I have liked that as well too.  All 3 were $9.99.  Super affordable!

7 &8.  Gilette Satin Care:  Another two down the drain.  Literally.  Oh and the price went up at the Commissary... Total bummer but still the least expensive.  I picked up a 3 pack at Target on clearance of the Gilette Satin Care for dry skin and it's not working out so good.  Razor burn city.  I will have to shell out the extra pennies for sensitive skin.  lol

9.  New Garnier Oila Oil Powered Permanent Color in 4.15 Dark Soft Mahogany:  I really liked this color.  The color was much darker than the picture on the box which is true for most boxed hair dyes but it left a nice red highlight.  I will still go back to my Mega Browns because I like the color a touch better and it's more cost effective.  The conditioner that was provided was a bit disappointing. It did give my hair adequate moisture for my hair.  But I can say that it has 100% gray coverage!!!  If I ever need hair color and Mega Browns is not in stock, I can trust this one to have good results for sure.  This was a BzzAgent sample.  They sent me a coupon in my BzzAgent kit and I was able to buy the hair color for free!  Yay!

10.  Dead Sea Collection Salt Scrub in Eucalyptus:  I love these salt scrubs.  For $4 at Big Lots you can't go wrong.  They are no emulsifying/sudsy and leave the skin a bit oily but I like that my body feels very moisturized after using these.  I'm going back for more of course!

11.  Dove Men Extra Fresh Soap:  I really like the smell of this.  Not too manly but fresh.  And it's a Dove product so it's not drying.  This will be a good bar for the summer months.  Need to repurchase.  :)

12 & 13.  Proclaim with Argan Oil Intense Hydrating Masque:  I just realized that this was a "masque" but I used it almost after every shampoo.  I guess it's not so intense that it weighs the hair down after every day use.  I liked the smell.  I used the shampoo along with it which I also used up.  I am actually re-purposing the shampoo bottle as it has a pump.  I put the next 2 products into it!  I would possibly repurchase during a sale again.  I believe I got the 2 of them for $7 at Sally's.  I want to find a Macadamia oil set at Sally's next.

14 & 15.  John Frieda full Repair Full Body Shampoo:  Technically, the shampoo contained in these bottles are not used up, I filled the Proclaim shampoo bottle with them, but these bottles are going out with the recycling tomorrow so I thought I would mention them.  My friend moved to Hawaii recently and gifted me these!  I forgot how wonderful this shampoo was.  My hair feels luxurious after using this shampoo again.  Great stuff.  Good lather, nice smell, moisturizing.  I will probably repurchase at some point in the future.

16.  Dead Sea Magnesium Salts, Lemon Verbena:  Another $4 steal at Big Lots.  I love a good salt bath.  They are very soothing and awesome for sore muscles and various other aches and pains.  This has a nice smell to it.  I will repurchase this or another flavor on my next shopping excursion to Big Lots!

17.  Nexxus Headress Thickening Leave-in Volumizer:  This was another gift from my Hawaii-bound friend.  Leave in conditioners are something I never purchase and when I do, I forget that they are a leave-in and rinse them out!  I don't need a thickening agent for my hair but this was a nice product to try.  I don't need to repurchase this.

18.  MD Skincare 4-in-1 Treatment:  These single use cleansing and toning clothes are the bomb!  I only bought 2 that were on clearance sometime last year and rationed them as long as I could.  I wish now that I had the foresight to have bought all 4 boxes that were on clearance but I thought at the time that would be crazy to clear the shelves of something that I hadn't tried yet.  lol  Hind sight is 20/20.  :)  I got them for $7 and they were regularly priced at $35 I think.  It was a steal.  I don't think I would pay $35 for them though.

19.  Christian Lacroix Rouge Shower Gel:  I had this in my AVON product stash for years.  Literally.  It had to have been expired.  But I used it anyway.  It's a mature scent to say the least, nice but not something I will repurchase.  It has been since discontinued probably for a couple of years.  I do have the perfume which I use sparingly during the winter months.

20.  Freeman Detoxifying Facial Mask:  I received this in a box that was from Influenster but I don't believe it was attached to a VoxBox promotion.  The box had several products in it, but usually VoxBoxes have a card with them detailing the products contained within.  This one did not and when I logged into my Influenster account, I didn't have notification that anything was sent.  That being said, I am totally appreciative of the gift!  :)  I really liked this mask.  Smelled just like chocolate and it was difficult not to try it.  Seriously.  I didn't by the way...  Truth.  :)  I will pick this up someday for sure.

21.  Organix Brazilian keratin therapy:  This lasted forever.  Good stuff too.  Sulfate and Sodium free and smells of coconut.  Leaves the hair soft, shiny and manageable.  I will repurchase during a sale for sure.  I have a few more products that I am working through so it's not a need at this point but works really well for a super straight look.

22.  Nelson Beverly Hills Argan Oil 7-in-1 non-foaming shampoo: I'm quite okay with low-poo and no-poo (so weird to call them that) shampoos but this one was strange.  There were these blue/green beads in a runny white "lotion" presumably to provide an abrasive agent to scrub off the dirt and oil?  Well though I thought I thoroughly rinsed the product, several beads could be felt on my scalp throughout the day.  Nice lemony-mint smell but I would need to try this again to really form an opinion.  The sample was only enough for one use on my long hair.  This was a Beauty Army sample I believe.

23.  Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray, The original:  I love using finishing sprays to help do away with the powdery look.  However, for someone with oily skin, that powdery look helps to hold the oils longer.  So when you take them away with a spray, your oils break through faster.  So using one with oily skin kind of defeats the purpose, in my experience...  I find that I like the Urban Decay de-Slick just a touch better, even though they are both made by Skindinavia.  de-Slick really doesn't prevent me from getting oily either but it takes away the powder look and just might keep me from getting shiny prematurely...  :) 

24.  alessandro international Hand!Spa Age Complex Cream Rich Pearl Protein Extract & Hyaluronic Acid:  This is a really nice hand cream.  And priced on the Birchbox website (link!) at $30, it really should be.  I've had some pretty chapped hands this month and I am sorry to see this one go.  I can't spend $30 on a hand cream at this time... but I wish I could. 

25.  Garnier BB cream:  Now that I have purchased the combination to oily skin one, I can pitch this one.  The smell is really over-powering to me after not using it for a few months.  I did like it.  It is a good product if you have the right skin.  Dry to normal.  It only worked for a couple of hours on me.  On a hot and humid day, forget it.  I am liking the new one and have been using it for a couple of months now.  See my review here!

26.  Indie Lee The Cleanser:  Oh oh oh I love love love this stuff!!!  Great cleanser.  I picked this up along with the Squalane oil on a Hautelook sale.  I haven't seen her products on Hautelook since.  I need to repurchase soon though.  It's a gentle, natural, citrusy cleanser that leaves the skin clean and prefectly prepped for your skincare.   I do have some other cleansers to get through so as soon as I'm finished with the squalane oil, I will get them together again.  Indie Lee is just one of those feel good brands that you can trust.  Indie Lee herself has a ton of integrity, she has been through so much in her life, such an inspiration.

27.  Yves Rocher ADN Cellular Renaissance:   Huge claims for this product and at $52, it's pricey.  I got it for free for an order I think last summer or was it the summer before.  I think the summer before.  Yikes!  I liked it but I didn't think it was HG.  It has a botanical, fresh scent.  It's pretty thick and heavy.  I used it mostly on my neck and chest.  I really liked that it was square and opens like a compact.  Pretty cool design.  You don't have to worry about it tipping over on your counter.  I will get this again on a sale but I don't feel that it is something I can't live without.  I like Yves Rocher products.  I haven't ordered from them in a while but I don't believe I ever received a product that I didn't like. 

28.  Amir Argan Oil Moisturizer:  This was one of 3 Amir sample moisturizer from the Hautelook Beauty Bag that I never reviewed.  I need to do that.  I'm not sure if I will ever order the Beauty Bag again but it did have a few decent samples and one full size cleanser.  The lotion had a pleasant scent.  I finished this a while ago.  It was nice.  Not something I would repurchase unless I saw it at Marshall's.  It's currently $24 for 18 oz on Amazon.

29.  Nivea Touch of Smoothness Moisturizing Body Wash:  Smells nice, I really like the orange blossom one though.  That's my fave!  Love Nivea and all of their products.  I would repurchase this.

30.  AVON Foot Works Lavender Comfort Soak:  I've gone through a few of these throughout the years.  They are nice to have on hand for a spa night.  I don't currently have any on hand.  Looks like I need to repurchase...

31.  Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate:  Kiehl's is another one of those brands that can do no wrong in my eyes.  There are so many products that I have tried and want to try.  I squeezed this sample packet into a plastic jar with a lid and was able to use it for an entire week!  This stuff is pretty good.  It's very thick and moisturizing, which I like to use a heavy moisturizer at night.  I didn't see any noticeable results in a week's usage but I would definitely buy a full size just to see.  :)

32.  Babor Anti-Stress Anti-Jetlag Cream:  This has been my go to night cream for the last 3 months or so.  A very nice cream with a full size $72 price tag.  Ouch.  Why?!  This was a Beauty Army sample.  Good stuff.  Not too heavy, not light either so it was definitely a night cream for me but when I did have some drier skin issues for a day or 2, this took care of it.  Loved the smell too.  I'm tempted to order the Babor Anti-Stress Relaxation Kit on Amazon for $35.  Hmmm....

Now I can bring my bag to the curb!  :)

Makeout 2013 post is coming up next!

Monday, March 11, 2013

BB Cream crazy...

I...will...try...them...all... Actually, I think I am nearing the end of the try. I recently received a Dr. Jart sample in my Birchbox last month and it might be the one. I've only used it once though. :)

I still want to try some higher end ones like Smashbox, Tarte... I've tried all of the drugstore and even one from Sally's.  I also found a foundation just yesterday that I really love!  More on that later.  :)

But recently, well let's be honest here, it has been a couple of months, I bought the newest Garnier incarnation for oily skin, Garnier BB cream Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector Combination to Oily Skin. Yay!

I know that your skeptical.  It's not like an Asian BB cream at all. It's totally American and totally different from any BB cream I have tried for that matter. Should American BB cream really be called a BB cream, well no.  But I'm not going to make that argument in this review.  It's been done...  lol

One, it's runny. I mean, super liquidy. It reminds me of Urban Decay Naked Foundation without the silicone feel.  But don't let that deter you, it's pigmented. Not in a full coverage kind of way, but in a BB cream kind of way. It's also darker than the one shade Asian BB cream which isn't a surprise either. I picked up the light/medium shade.

It's very similar to the original Garnier BB cream in terms of the color but that's the only comparison between the two. That wicked strong chemically floral smell? Well it's gone and replaced with a much lighter scent that disappears almost immediately. That glowy, dewy (umm shiny) finish? That's gone too and replaced with a semi-matte, natural finish. I like it. My winter pale has totally set in and I'm finding it difficult to match my skin with the products in my repertoire. However, the Garnier BB cream for oily/combo skin blends in quite nicely and I can run out the door knowing I have a pretty good match. That's what I want from a BB cream/tinted moisturizer. Effortlessness.

Though BB creams are "supposed" to be skincare, who are we really kidding? For those of us who are truly skincare conscious, we have so many other products in our cabinets... Is 20 SPF adequate coverage for the depleting ozone layer?  No ma'am...  You will need another sunscreen for sure. 

The most important question... Does it keep the oils at bay for an "All-Day Shine Control"?  Well short answer no. I'm not going to sugar coat it. It's winter down here in NC. 30's and 40's. Zero humidity. I've had days with "normal" skin, with minimal oiliness. But for the most part, my skin is still combo/oily. That being said, I've come to except that blotting and powdering are going to happen no matter how good the product. So with the Garnier BB cream for combination to oily skin I can go 5 hours without that uncomfortable shine peaking through. 

But I will say that it's claims of  "immediately mattifies, minimizes pores" are quite true but "conceals imperfections" is a bit of a stretch. If you have near perfect skin, yes, it will conceal your imperfections, but for my imperfections, I still need concealer. It is a light to medium coverage in my opinion.

Now I will say that I liked the original Garnier. I would slap it on before a run or the gym or a quick jaunt to the store. It did the job and looked great.  However, after 1-2 hours it would start slipping off my face. The smell was very noticeable but something I could get over. But after recently throwing it on to run out the door, the scent literally knocked me out. I hadn't used it for months so I'm not sure if it was going bad or that I developed a sensitivity to perfumes but I immediately had to pitch it. Plus I have a replacement!

I apply Garnier BB cream for combination to oily skin either with a Beauty Blender or my fingers.  I have used a brush but I prefer the other two methods.  I usually apply one thin layer and then add another layer to cover up the redness of my cheeks.  It will stick to dry patches so if you are combination, make sure you exfoliate and lightly moisturize before the application of this product.  For my skin type, this product provides adequate moisturization on it's own, but I usually start off with a serum or a primer.

Garnier BB cream is readily available at the drugstores and grocery stores and priced anywhere from $10-13.  I have been reaching for this product the most since I picked it up just after the 1st of the year.  It has that effortless factor and I am really enjoying it.

Have you tried Garner BB Cream Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector Combination to Oily Skin?