Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2nd of the year empties?!

I wasn't sure what to title the post. I thought at the beginning of the year I would do quarterly empties but my brown paper bag is over flowing!  Today is garbage day so I need to get it to the curb.  :)

So here we go!

1&2. Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Olive Oil Shampoo & Conditioner: I won this off of a GlossyBox Twitter Chat with Celebrity Hair Stylist Adir Abergel who is the Celebrity Ambassador for Frédéric Fekkai.  I asked a question and it was chosen for the gift.  I received the shampoo, conditioner and a hair cream from the same line.  I am considering re-purchasing.  I love the way this set makes my hair feel.  My daughter was reaching for them as well because they made her "hair feel so smooth."  It's pretty pricey, $31.97 for 16 oz...  However, it is super concentrated.  I noticed that I only needed a quarter size amount for my longer locks. Oh and the question I asked was if using dry shampoo on first day clean hair would help prevent oils.  Adir said yes, spray in the roots and brush through.  So I've been using dry shampoo on the day of washing and I'm definitely not oily the next day and can go 2 days without washing most days!  :)

3. Soft Soap Coconut Scrub Body Buff Wash: This was on the end cap on sale at my grocery store and I grabbed it.  Smells nice but otherwise unremarkable.  I think I prefer a more natural sugar scrub but this is a nice readily available drug store one.

4.  fresh soy face cleanser:  This came with my Clarisonic which I bought at the end of last year.  Nice cleanser.  I think that this a good, quality cleanser with a crisp cucumber scent.  Works well with the Clarisonic.  I have a few other cleansers to work through but this one is my fave out of the bunch.  I will re-purchase.

5.  Witch Hazel Astrigent:  I wonder why I experiment with tonors...  This is my skin's saving grace.  I use this after cleansing. If I do not use this consistently, it is very noticeable.  I have been out of this for 4 days.  I can tell the difference.  Congested skin around my chin is popping up.  Time to re-purchase!

6&7.  Garnier Nutrisse 434 Deep Chestnut Brown: I grabbed 2 boxes.  It's not bad, but not my favorite. It was a little drying, but overall, covered my grays and the color turned out true to the box. I was afraid that it would turn my hair too red, but actually, no red at all.  I strayed from my Loreal MegaBrowns because my husband would prefer my hair to be a lighter brown.  I'm undecided. What I need to do is go the salon, but frankly I'm scared y'all.  :(

8. Donna Karen Cashmere Mist: This is the best deodorant/anti-perspirant that you can buy.  Skip the drugstore. Just spend the $15.

9.  Dove Soap... of course.  I will never stray.  I use it on my face and body.  Good stuff.

10. Acetone:  I make my own version of Zoya; acetone, glycerin, water...  Works just as good but doesn't smell like Zoya though but it's an affordable alternative that works just as well and is non-drying. :)

11.  B&BW Japanese cherry blossom shower gel:  This was a Beauty Army sample.  Love Beauty Army.  This sample pops up frequently so I always grab it.  I have purchased this scent in the past.

12. Dead Sea Minerals Salt Scrub:  I always purchase these tubs from Big Lots for $4.  Can't beat the price.  The ingredient list is pretty natural except for a perfume and some dye. Great price point.

13. Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin: Instant razor burn.  Will avoid this one.

14. Got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protect Blow Out: This isn't completely empty but I just don't like this product.  It make my hair feel gross and I don't like the smell.  Time to recycle.  I have other products I like much better!

15. Paris Amour Shower Gel:  I believe this was a Beauty Army sample as well.  Always nice to have a good smelling shower gel at the ready.  I have purchased this scent in the past before too!

16. Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover:  You already know I love this stuff.   I'm almost finished with another bottle currently in use...

17. ion Repair Solutions Effective Care Treatment:  I like to use this right after I color my hair and once a week.  I have a few other treatments & conditioners in rotation but I'm sure in the future I will pick this up on a trip at Sally's.  This is an intense conditioner.  I can over use it very easily and it builds up so much that I can't get a brush through my hair.  I've learned once a week is best!

18.  SheaTerra Premium Dark Chocolate Sugar-Stone Exfoliating Cream:  If I could afford to use this every day, this would be the one scrub I would always buy.  It's a lot gentler than salt scrubs and I really noticed a difference in how my skin felt.  Shea Terra frequently offers 30% off codes.  It's definitely on my list.  I have a couple other things from Shea Terra that I will need to repurchase so I will wait and haul them together.  Just checked my email and there is a code... may2013 Hurry it ends May 23rd!

19.  Dead Sea Collection Anti-Aging Cream with Dead Sea Minerals:  This was a Big Lots purchase for $3.50.  It has a thin/light consistency.  I prefer a thicker cream at night for my eyes.  I ended up using this as a nightly hand treatment.  I will repurchase for that. 

20.  Whish Shave Cream:  This was a Birchbox sample.  I really liked this one.  Very moisturizing.  But I can't spend $20 on shaving cream.  I have kids to feed and put through college.  :)

21.  BVLGARI tea bag for the bath: Yowsers, this stuff was luxurious.  Love the smell.  $54.95 for a set of 6.  I will just buy the perfume!  It has a familiar scent that is comforting to me.  I want to smell like this all of the time.

22.  Alpha Hydox Sheer Silk Moisturizer:  Why I don't have a backup of this is beyond me.  I have a few other moisturizers to use up but I need to repurchase this one.  It does a great job of moisturizing without making my skin greasy.  Love, love, love!  Why did I start trying other moisturizers?  I always ask myself this question.

23. Lush Mint Juleps Lip Scrub:  I definitely need to repurchase this.  My lips have been so dry lately.  I am definitely able to make my own but this one tastes really good.  So worth it!  I'm working on a fresh one at the moment but I really like the Lush.

24.  Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Frizz Control Anti-Humidity Hair Spray:  My mom had this in her stash of products years ago so I bought one for myself after I used it.  This bottle has lasted me 6 years?  I'm pretty sure.  We've been in NC for 3 years and I bought this before our NY duty Station and that was 3 years.  Good purchase!  It doesn't have the best hold but I don't like sticky, stiff feeling.

25&26. L'OREAL Mega Browns Chocolate:  This has been my go to color since the end of last summer.  I'm thinking I want to go lighter but this is a great hair dye.  I will see if the line has a lighter shade of brown and try that.  This formula really covers and does not fade...at all.

27& 28. epielle green tea cleansing tissues:  These are a $1 at Big Lots.  They work great.  The cloth is a little thin and a little dry but they do the trick and are quite affordable.  I prefer the AVON ones as they are thicker and more a bit more wet.  But these are an 1/8th of the price and work in a pinch when AVON is backordered.  Which happens frequently.  So when I order AVON's, I buy a lot at a time.

29. Kinerase Restructure Firming Cream:  This was a sample of a $98 cream.  Just looked it up.  Wow.  I can't remember noticing a difference to be honest.  It should have changed my life... right?

30. Elizabeth Arden White Glove Intensive Revitalizing Mask:  I found these at Burke's Outlet for $7.95.  I have never been in a Burke's before, it's sort of like a Marshall's/TJ Maxx but they seem to get leftover items from those 2 stores as I found some tags on some of the clothes.  They also have 15% off on Fridays!  YES!  These masks are awesome.  I suspect that they are a bit old, maybe expired, but I really noticed a difference in my skin after using one.  My skin felt soft, smoother...  Sad that these are gone.  $19 for 4 on Amazon.com.  I definitely think that they are worth picking up.  Just ordered...

31-33.  forever young Hydrating Facial Wrap Cucumber & aloe, honey & collagen, coconut & shea butter:  Loved these!  $3.99 for 3 masks at TJ Maxx.  I didn't notice a crazy difference in my skin after using these like the Elizabeth Arden ones but they are such a pick me up.  The instructions say to leave on for 20 min.  I think I would do about 30.  One thing I have learned, that just because my skin is oily, I still need to hydrate my skin.  These are a wonderful treatment at night for my skin.  Unfortunately I do not have a TJ's near by so this will be tough to find again.

34. L'OREAL EverCreme Sulfate-Free Intense Nourishing Shampoo:  I really like this shampoo.  I routinely re-purchase this one.

35. Lumene Radiant Touch Refreshing Tonor:  This is a nice tonor but it burns ever so slightly.  My skin prefers Witch Hazel.  I had this for a really long time.  I would use it to remove mario badescu silver powder.  I can use witch hazel for this process so I probably won't repurchase this one.

36. Nexxus Restorative Conditioner:  I grabbed this at Marshall's.  It was a pretty good conditioner.  Really Moisturizing.  I liked the Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Olive Oil Conditioner much better though. 

37. L'OREAL Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base:  I like to use this primer in my t-zone to fill in some larger pores.  It works really good at smoothing things over.  However when it starts to get hot around here in NC, I try to use a minimal amount of products because no matter what I use, everything melts in this heat & humidity.  I have a couple other primers I am working through but this is one I know works.

38. Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser: This came in the Hautelook Beauty Bag last fall.  Its a nice cleanser from the drug store but I won't repurchase.  I really like my Sibu beauty products at the moment since they are a lot more natural.  I routinely got this cleanser in my eyes & mouth for some reason.  Stings and tastes gross.  :)

39. Vichy Aqualia Thermal: I received this in the Vichy Birchbox last year. This product took me a while to use up as I used it sparingly and only when my skin was really dry.  This winter was particularly cold and dry here in NC and my skin which would normally be "normal" in winter actually was quite dry.  I was glad to have this hanging around.

40.  John Frieda Root Awakening:  Happy to report that this is the very last bottle of John Frieda from my couponing days.  Emptying out my bathroom cabinets took a year and now we are at 1.5 years and the last shampoo bottle is going to the recycling.  I really like this shampoo and I'm sure I will repurchase in the future.  But no shampoo and conditioner purchases until all my samples are used up!

41. Ole Henriksen truth serum collagen booster:  I received this with my Clairsonic.  This is a product that I noticed a difference in my skin after the first use.  Tightened, smoothed, cleared... I need another bottle in my life.  It's pricey but worth it.

42, 43, 44: Haus of Gloi!  I finally placed an order!  I have added products to my cart dozens of times but finally I ordered.  I tried multiple products of Lavender and Haus Amber.  I love them both!  I will definitely be repurchasing.  I tried one of their bath bombs for $1 and they are really nice too.  I think I will use 2 for my next bath but wow are they moisturizing.  Great company.  They included a personal thank you card as well.  Nice touch.  Good people.

45. Jack Black Lip Balm:  I grabbed this last summer at the check out of an Ulta a believe.  Pretty good stuff.  It's minty, a bit plumping, moisturizes and sinks into the lips. I can think of other balms that I would buy over this one though.  But I would probably repurchase at the check out again.  Can't say that I won't!  And I really like that it has 25 SPF.  I know that I have neglected my lips for years...

46: Yves Rocher Hamamelis deodorant:  Doesn't perform like Donna Karan but it smells nice. 

47. Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn balancing facial cleanser:  I love this cleanser.  I will definitely repurchase.  Sibu Beauty was recently on Hautelook and I picked up a few things.  This wasn't an item that they were selling but I was able to find other Sibu Beauty products.

48,49. AVON makeup remover wipes: Hands down the best, affordable wipes on the market.  I'm sure there are some $20-30 wipes I would like better, but in terms of affordability, moisture, thickness of the wipe, ability to perform and actually remove makeup, these are the best.  They retail for $8 but I stock up when they are $3.99.

50. Origins Gin Zing eye cream:  This was a sample I received from an order from a while back.  This eye cream has a shimmer/sheen to it so I need to use it sparingly.  I didn't notice a change in the overall darkness under my eyes but it does camouflage ever so slightly.  I would surely welcome another sample with purchase but I don't think I would re-purchase.

So 50 products on the dot.  Well actually I had some foil packet products but I barely remember using them so I figured it was best to skip them!  lol  I will take notes next time. 

Overall this year I've been good about keeping myself in check and not buying in excess.  I recently went a little crazy with facial cleansers.  One day I had none, the next like 6!  Oops.  I really have stockpiled the samples recently.  Time to get focused again!

I re-subscribed then cancelled Glossybox again.  For what you get, $20 is just too much.  I did like the BVLGARI tea bag for the bath and was very happy with that sample.  But by far, Birchbox has been good to me.  I've discovered a lot of favorites through them and very happy with the service.  Yes there are less notable months...  They struggled for a few months last year, not sure what happened but they seem to have recovered. 

Oh and I cashed in my Birchbox points and have a haul to share with you next!