Saturday, August 2, 2014

Makeup Collection Edit Part Deux

Decluttering continues throughout the house and as I was looking through my collection, there some items I really like, but in reality, I will never use.  I'm always wanting to try new products, new colors, new formulations and these items just did not make the cut because I have similar products that I use more frequently. 

But instead of them just sitting neatly and unused in my drawers, I decided that my sister, cousin and niece would love to have them.

Wet n Wild eye shadows are one of the best in the drugstore, hence my reasoning to pick up almost the entire collection.  I did save Silent Treatment and the Gilded Age for myself as well as a couple 8 pans.  :) Also my eyes tend to water when I use them unfortunately.

I've been hesitating with the Flower Beauty quad in Smoke and Mirrors and creme eyeshadow in Orchiding Around.  While beautiful colors, the quad is a bit chalky and I can't build up the color of the creme eyeshadow to my liking.  I use my Maybelline Color Tattoos all the time and so this one sits.

These extra makeup brushes are just creating clutter.  I have plenty of other backups and brushes aren't something I have a ton of room for if they are not being used.  So here I have some e.l.f. and SOHO to go with all the eye shadow.

The 2 other palettes are filler items from my couponing adventures at Walgreens.  They are amazing shadows but I haven't touched them aside from watching and a blog post that might still be in my drafts...

The Sephora eyeshadow is a Prisma Chrome in Moon Beam which I have used one time since I bought it froma blog sale nearly 3 years ago.  Nice formulation and pigment but I have plenty of other gold eye shadows in palettes that I readily reach for instead of this one.

I have 2 swap products from Australia that I have never opened.  A lip gloss and blush.  Actually I do not like the way the blush smells so it is going in the trash!

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder in Brighten has some life left to it.  I just have other highlights that I use and quite honestly, most days, highlight is something don't have to even consider as a natural one creeps upon my face quite quickly in this humidity!

Same goes for the Physicians Formula Happy Booster in translucent.  Too much sparkle for this lady.

The U by Ungaro was a blush from AVON a few years back.  Super, super pigmented.  It is just too dark on my fair skin and I have too many other blushes.

The AmorePacific Color Control Compact in Tan is also too dark for me.  Such a shame because I love the feel and smell of it.  This came from a Glossybox I believe.

I hope that these products find a happy home this weekend!!!

How are you managing your makeup collection?  Is it time for an edit?

Take care!