Monday, September 17, 2012

Big Money

I love the name of this polish.  I was in Walmart the other day and on my way out... Well that's not completely accurate, before heading to check out, I always swing by the cosmetics section, yeah it's totally out of the way...  So as I swung by, I saw this polish literally all by itself in a display on the end cap.  The absolute last one?  Absolutely.  I had to rescue this lonely beauty!

I feel like I have or had something similar but I can't put my finger on it.  I really need to get my nail wheels done, meaning I need to get to Sally's and buy a few sets of nail wheels and paint them, or I was going to do nail sticks.  Hmm...

Back to Sally Hansen's Big Money!

It's has tiny gold glitter and larger pink glitter pieces.  Oh so shiny!  I started out with one coat of Zoya Pandora followed by one coat of Big Money.  This glitter is so opaque that you would only need 2 coats to cover the nail completely.  I also have 2 coats of Seche on top.

So yesterday was my little one's 2nd birthday.  I actually got reminder call from my sister yesterday morning.  lol  It completely slipped my mine or was I subconsciously denying it's existence?  Yes, that's it exactly.  This mama is so sad to see them all grow up so fast!

We are actually celebrating his birthday in a couple of weeks while my husband is away for work.  Whenever he is away it is like Ground Hog day, all the days mesh into one so it didn't even occur to me that yesterday wasn't just any other day!

Quickly I made some pancakes with sprinkles and chocolate chips and we sang happy birthday followed by a very exciting trip to where else?  Chuck e Cheese!  I actually detest that place, but hey, the kids love it!  They really need to get some better prizes though.  Look at all those tickets!

I worked my a#$ off at the balloon popping game (hahahaha!) to get a couple hundred tickets only to come home with a twizzler, a pseudo makeup kit and some weird piece of paper that cost 20 tickets.  Great picks.  Go us!