Friday, September 7, 2012

mark. got the goods multi-benefit foundation lotion

mark. has come out with it's very own "American" BB cream!  Though they are not calling it a "BB cream" specifically, all signs are pointing that we could indeed categorize it as a BB cream.  And so I had to get my hands on it!

mark. got the goods multi-benefit foundation lotion

Oh look!  A pump!  Love that.

It has a broad spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen with Octinoxate, Titanium Dioxide and Oxybenzone.

This product is "enriched with super fruits, orange and lemon for a double dose of antioxidants, plus, willow bark to help smooth and improve skin texture and tone by moisturizing."

After looking at the ingredient list there is also olive root extract as well as carrot root extract.

I ordered full sizes in two shades as I am always in between shades.  I first put on Light/Medium 5 and felt immediately it was too dark out of the tube.  Blend, blend, blend with my fingers and after a few minutes, found it does blend seamlessly and nicely into the skin but still a touch dark.

Both shades do look scary yellow as you start to blend them in, but for me, I didn't see any trace of yellow after blending the initial application.  Light/medium #5 is yellow/pinky beige NW 25/30 and Light #4 is a yellow light beige, NC 20/25.

I do find the coverage a bit sheer on the first application.  2 thin to possibly 3 thin layers, will give you about medium coverage.  For my combo/oily skin and my light skin tone, that's as far as I will take it with the layering.  #1 I do not need the extra moisture that this product provides and #2, the yellow tint does start to show on my skin tone more with subsequent layers.

I feel that this product will be best for normal to dry skin, combo/oily folks will need to set it with a powder and keep blotting papers on hand.  Which is quite normal for me no matter what foundation, tinted moisturizer, BB cream I use.  I do not like a matte foundation face, I prefer a natural, semi-dewy finish.

The finish of this product is very natural looking with a healthy luminous glow.  There is no shimmer in this product, I suspect it is from the added sunscreen/moisturizing ingredients.  This can be toned down significantly with a powder, however, if you do have dry skin, you will welcome the radiance that it gives to your skin.

Staying power on my oily/combo skin was not great.  One important factor to note:  I live in an extremely hot and humid climate (Southeast US).   It stays tacky indefinitely before powdering, most likely due to the added sunscreen.  3 hours in, I need to blot and powder, 6 hours in, the multi-benefit foundation lotion begins to break down, almost pooling up in the oiliest places on my face, ie chin, around my nose, forehead.  Not a cute look.  This occurs with or without primer.  So this formula isn't an all-day wearing foundation for me.

What I like about mark. got the goods foundation lotion for is an effortless, no makeup look so I can quickly run out of the house on some errands and I don't look like I'm covered in foundation and trying too hard.  If you have some problem areas, you will need some concealer and if you are looking for full coverage, this is probably not the product for you.

The range of shades is phenomenal, 14 in total.  There is no doubt that you will find a shade that works for you.

From left to Right:

Very Light #1, Very Light #2, Light #3, Light #4, Light Medium #5, Light Medium #6, Medium #7, Medium #8, Medium Dark #9, Medium Dark #10, Dark #11, Dark #12, Deep #13, Deep #14

For reference, the inside of my arm is very pale, NC 15/20.

Overall, mark. got the goods multi-benefit foundation lotion is a nice product.  The formula gives the skin a healthy, luminous glow.  For the oily skinned however, this is not the ideal product for your skin type.  It is moisturizing and it oxidizes slightly.  It is also borderline for combo/oily types, make sure you bring your blotting papers and powder for touch ups.

mark. got the goods multi-benefit foundation lotion retails for $18 for 30 mL/1 fl. oz. of product.

And as always you can order all your AVON and mark. products here!  Link!