Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rachel K CC Cream

I know what you are thinking "What the CC cream?!"  You may or may not already be in the know so let me briefly get you up to speed if you are not.

We all know BB cream, Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm, those all-in-one wonder creams that combine skincare, sunscreen, skin lightening and foundation all in one.  Super fab right?  Finding the perfect one for your skin type and tone can be particularly challenging.  I've tried dozens.  Some I love, some I hate, some are just so so.

If my skin was dry to normal, I might have better luck but with my oily skin combined with the heat and humidity that we experience in North Carolina, most (the American versions, specifically) just slide off my face.  Everything does really, foundation, tinted moisturizers, primers, powders...  Give it time, it will melt.

Enter Rachel K CC cream.  What is it?  Well it's similar to a BB cream but the CC stands for Color Correction. It focuses on evening out your skintone as well as smoothing out the surface of your skin.  Goodbye pores?  Well not exactly but it minimizes the appearance of them significantly.  They are tinted like a BB cream as well but Rachel K CC cream is lighter in texture and feels like nothing on your skin.

According to the press release on the Rachel K Cosmetics website, CC cream in an improved formula than a Blemish Balm with "10 benefits in a single application."  One of the 10 that I am completely in love with and benefiting from is that the CC cream is longer lasting on my combo/oily skin than any BB cream that I have tried.  Does it last 10-12 hours?  No, it's not a miracle oil stopper, but it holds everything in place for a lot longer than just a primer or powder.

That's a lot of claims..  Whitening, brightening and moisturizing with SPF PA 35 ++ protection as well.  It's perfectly moisturizing for my oily skin, but dryer skin types will most likely need a separate moisturizer.  I love that it dries to a semi-matte finish and after a couple of hours it's still dewy.  After about 3.5 to 4 hours I do need to blot but it's still there and looks good.  They have also added a CC powder to the line which I am anxiously waiting to order!

I was introduced to this amazing product through YouTube's LisaLisaD1.  She has a beauty channel and a store on her beauty blog.  Let me tell you, her skin always looks fabulous.  She became a distributor of Rachel K in the U.S. and as soon as she started selling the Rachel K CC cream, I ordered one immediately.  Unfortunately, after a few shipments, there was a problem with one going through customs.  The company Rachel K is working through the specific customs forms and permits that are needed for these products to be released and hopefully I don't run out before then!

If I'm running late or need to get out the door in a hurry, this is all I use on a good skin day.  If I need more coverage or if I have more time, I will layer a foundation, powder or liquid over this.   Like I said previously,  I will need to blot after 3.5 to 4 hours of wear but it doesn't slide about.  It doesn't transfer and when you do have it on your face and it is truly undetectable.  It does a particular good job of grabbing hold of powder foundations and keeping liquid foundations stay put.

I've layered everything over it, BB cream, foundations, tinted moisturizes and the lasting power is incredible.  When I've been in a hurry and needed extra coverage, I just mix the CC cream with my poison of choice that day.  In addition to prolonging the formula, it helps with oil control.  Again, not a miracle, but definitely HG status for me.

Rachel K CC cream comes in 3 shades, fair, neutral and sunkissed.  I have neutral.

The best way to apply Rachel K CC cream is to take the time to gently pat the cream into the skin.  No rubbing or swirling, just use the tips of your fingers to pat.  This ensures even application and doesn't stretch the skin, leading to wrinkling.  I wish you could feel how soft my hand was compared to my other hand.  It feels wonderful.

Oh, so is it really waterproof?  Yes.

Rachel K CC cream really does give the skin a nice look and feel.  I've been using this product since the beginning of the summer and I will always use it.  Just as long as I can get a hold of it.  Squeezing just this tiny amount in the above photos made me realize that I do not have much left!  Trust me, I've been rationing this baby.  I hope I will be able to order more soon!

Have you tried Rachel K CC cream yet?  What do you think?