Monday, July 14, 2014

Where have you been?

That is the question!  And I have a good answer.  I have been running.  Not away from anything in particular, but it started with walking a rambunctious puppy 3-4 times a day and it turned into training for a half marathon.  Let me back up...

I've always been a runner, but I just took the last 8 years off.  I ran for a few months a couple of years ago but it didn't stick.  Now it's back to a full fledged addiction.  I attempted to run a 5k with my son who was riding a bike with training wheels on April 4th.  I had to start at the back of the pack with the strollers.  It was a trail run and I was never able to move to a full run until after the turn around and I felt this explosion.  It didn't last long as my son's training wheel slipped off the trail and he tipped over...  (He was fine.)

I quickly signed up for another "real" (with a time chip) 5k on May 17th with my husband.  I only got 5 training runs in before that first 5k but I felt amazing after crossing the finish line.  Then I joined a running group which has given me access to trainings, information on local runs, advice, and most importantly, motivation to keep... running. 

I completed my first 10k on June 7th, another 5k on the 4th of July and an 8k on the beach this past Saturday.  We also signed up for a half marathon on September 20.  I also want to register for 2 more, one in October and one in November.  It's a pretty ambitious schedule but I'm up for the challenge!

I certainly did not foresee running a half marathon this year!  Running a full marathon has always been on my unofficial bucket list.  We will see how the half marathon(s) go and I will re-evaluate. 

Now that we got that cleared and out of the way...

We also went on a 3 week, 2 state adventure visiting family and friends and celebrating a retirement, a couple of birthdays, a graduation and the 4th of July.  We cut down trees, did some landscaping, hiked on the AT, toured some historical places, moved my sister from Boston to the 'burbs, visited a couple state parks and put about 1,000 miles on our vehicle in the process.  It was an amazing time being able to hang out with our families and friends who we only get to see a couple times a year for a couple of days a pop.  Military life...

I packed up all my samples and finished nearly everything in those 25 days.  I also finished a BB cream and a foundation as well!  Yay!  So this has prompted me to collect a few items that I want to finish up by the end of 2014.  I have 6.5 months.  Woohoo! 

Be on the look out for those items soon!  So far I have a BB cream, a cream bronzer, a foundation, a few primers and mucho skincare items and I'm going to look around for a couple more things and put together a post! 

The hubby just arrived home from work and it's time to go for a run!  7 miles tonight.  Wish me luck.  It's hot out.  :)