Friday, October 12, 2012


So you want to know about Influenster, hmm?

Well you have come to the right place!

I briefly introduced you to Influenster when I showed off my Love VoxBox that they sent me a few months back.  Link

So what is Influenster and what exactly is a VoxBox?

Influenster is an exclusive on-line community where members share their opinion on different products, complete surveys and earn badges to qualify for free products to try out.  The free products are sent in a themed VoxBox.

For Valentine's Day, qualifying members received a Love VoxBox.  There have been many more including a Holiday VoxBox, Mom VoxBox, and most recently the Naturals VoxBox, and the Bride-to-be VoxBox.

And these aren't dinky samples friends, the products they send are full size!

The more active you are on the site in terms of reviewing products, earning badges, sharing products on social media, blogging and making videos, the more VoxBoxes you will qualify for and the higher your Influenster score becomes.

The Influenster score is a value between 0-100 and it is based upon how active you are on the Influenster site as well as other social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

You can also complete brand challenges to earn more free products from that particular brand.  These challenges also include surveys, blogging about the brand and/or making videos.

It's a lot of fun voicing your opinion on products and best of all you are sent free VoxBoxes for your participation!  What not to love?

Currently I am under review for the Blogger VoxBox which I am very excited about!

So what are you waiting for?  Go to and request an invite today!

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