Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Wish Lists

So I was making my list earlier, well not really but someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas and instead of saying "nothing" like I always say because I usually draw a blank at that moment of questioning, I decided to really think about it this year.  (wow that was a really long sentence!)

So still drawing a blank, fully knowing I want or have thought about a million things I might want, I went to the expert.  Oprah.  Yes Oprah.  Who else?  Every year Orah has her show, "Oprah's Favorite Things."  She doesn't mess around with her choices either. 

As I was perusing her selections for 2010, I came across Baker's Edge Brownie Pan.  Sure I've seen it before in stores but then I saw the picture of it being used as a lasagna dish!  What geniousness!

Definitely putting that on my list!  I love the lasagna edges but I'm more of the soft brownie middle girl.
This year my family decided on doing a "Yankee Swap."  But being the polar opposite of Yankee fans we opted for a "Red Sox Swap."  Then after another discussion, we decided to go with to randomly assign us a person to buy a gift for.  More like a Kris Kringle so you know who you are buying for rather than buying a generic unisex $40 gift. 
Kris Kringle exchanges take the stress out of buying gifts.  Let's face it, it's fun when you start off shopping on Black Friday or early December and then you forget about that one person.  Oops!  You had a sweater picked out and forgot their size so you put it back and forgot all about grabbing something else.  Or you thought for sure you ordered something on line for so and so.  Then you are running out at the last minute.... Not fun.  Especially fighting the lines.  Not looking forward to that this year, that's for sure!