Saturday, November 20, 2010

Paradoxal Dupe

Months ago I was on the Chanel website ready to click submit.  I just couldn't justify the $23 for one nail polish.  So I passed.  Then I regretted because a while later it was sold out.  Well it is now available on the website but there is other good news. 

The discovery of a dupe!  Revlon Perplex.  And it looks good enough for me!  It wasn't the Chanel name that had me wanting the color.  I thought that this was the case hence my order deletion.  I've been really liking Revlon polishes lately.  Not sure if they changed the formula or the brush.  But they tweeked something and the polish goes on nice and smooth.

Of course it's all over the blogasphere and I can't get my hands on it!!!  I've been a madwoman driving to every Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS, in town with absolutely no luck!!! 

Steph's Closet tweeted an awesome pic.

So it's not quite an exact copy but I actually like the purple.

Patience is a virtue and I have a ton of it.  Eventually the display will come to the Southern Tier.  And of course, I will keep looking.