Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm seeing red...

So it started last week, the dreaded red face.  It happens every year.  The crisp cold air of fall turns my face bright red.  I haven't changed a thing in my skin care routine.  The only thing that has changed, is the temperature.  My face is tight and it feels raw.  It's the strangest thing.  Like I have been skiing and it's 20 below outside. So this year, I've decided to do something about it. 

Clinique is offering an on-line special right now.  Purchase $21.50 worth of product, and you get an 8 piece bonus.  I'm assuming that they are sample sizes but you get to choose the 6.  The 8 pieces include 2 make-up bags, a lipstick, a mascara, an eye cream, a make-up remover, an eyecolor quad, (the violet quad is all out, I had it in my cart on Friday but held off to order until today) and skin care favorites, I ordered the 7 day scrub. 

For the $21.50 in product, I actually ordered the $45 Redness Solutions Redness Regimen.  The Redness Solutions cream was $39.50 by itself so I just decided to get the 3 product bundle.  I've had my eyes on this for months now, probably since last winter.  I don't have rosacea.  Well I might after reading this website. My eyes are red, check, I have red patches, check, I thought I was breaking out, those must be cysts, check, fair irish skin, check...  Well signs are looking pretty good that it is rosacea or something like it.  Thankfully it only occurs in the winter.

So we'll see how it goes!

So for $45 I got 6 products, 2 cosmetic bags and the Redness Solutions package, free shipping and since I ordered through ebates, I got 8% back.  Never heard of  Basicaly if you are going to order something on-line, check ebates first for your store.  Ebates offers cash back for purchases and they usually have a coupon code for the store.  Right now they are offering double cash back on many of the stores and Clinque has 8%.  They will then send you a check quarterly, I believe.  You don't pay for anything, sign up is free and you get cash back for purchases. 

So for my $45 purchase, I get $3.60 back.  It adds up.  So if you plan on doing some Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any other holiday shopping on-line, go through ebates and you'll be surprised how much those $3 and $4 add up.  Plus ebates offers free shipping codes, free sample codes, it just depends on the store and what they are offering.

Happy shopping!