Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sephora Pantone Shades of Nature Eye Shadow Palette

Pantone Shades of Nature Eye Shadow Palette in a Beauty Insider Exclusive that features 35 gorgeous shades from neutrals to brights, shimmer, satins and mattes.  It's a lovely addition to my ever growing collection of palettes.  I never purchased any 88 palettes, for the life of me I don't know how I resisted to be frank. Well for starters, 88 colors would make my head spin.  I would never be able to decide what colors to choose!

35 is just right.  And the colors are perfect; lights, brights and darks that span across cool tones, warms and neutrals.  You can play it up, tone it down, it can be taken to and used for every occasion.  In fact, I had my sister's wedding in mind when I ordered this.  A few of the bridesmaids will need help with their makeup and I want to bring a variety of colors and finishes for all eye shapes and complexions.  This comes in a sleek, iPad shape and size, with a large mirror on the inside.  Very cool.

Since it was such a gorgeous day out today, I decided to photograph it outside!

I did all the swatches on my arm primed with Rachel K CC cream.  Not sure why I grabbed this.  I just didn't want to use up my Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  I have a separate review coming up on Rachel K.  Look for that soon!

Without hesitation or thinking, I just swatched across.  Half way through, I wish I swatched down.  But you get the idea about the shadows and the color payoff.  I found them all to be nicely pigmented, most of are buttery soft except for a few, mostly matte shades.  Some were outstanding, some need building which will be best used wet or over a primer or both.  I do not think eyeshadows are necessarily bad if they need a primer.  Most shadows perform much better when used with a primer, high end or low end.

I will point these particular shades out on my arm swatches.  When I describe it as "needs building" what I mean is that I have to swipe it 2-3 times to get the color payoff and they are best used with a primer or wet for best color payoff.  But as you will see from the photos below, the color payoff is there.  Before buying this palette the reviews weren't stellar but I couldn't pass it up because of the variety.  I'm glad I didn't.  

Other than that, it is at a competitive price point ($55) for the amount of shadows that you are receiving and the quality.  I've never ordered a Sephora palette before so I am unable to compare the quality to previous collaborations and current shadows unfortunately.

Here are the first row swatches, left to right:

11-0907 (cream shimmer), 13-1107 (pale champagne shimmer), 12-1209 (pale peach shimmer), 12-2903 (light purple/lilac shimmer), 13-4108 ( pale moss green shimmer ), 13-8105 (mint green shimmer), 12-0712 (antique gold shimmer)

This photo is a bit washed out but they are shimmery, frosty, pale colors perfect for inner corner and brow highlights and blending.  For some, these might be your "boring" shades but I find them very useful for toning down looks and adding a little brightness to the center of the eyelid as well as highlighting.  The were all buttery, soft and smooth, perfect application.

Second row swatches from left to right:

15-1511 (light cocoa brown satin), 12-0812 (yellow satin needs building), 12-1310 (pale matte pink needs building), 13-2802 (plum satin, super soft), 17-3802 (gunmetal gray satin), 13-5313 (aqua green satin), 12-0736 (canary yellow satin, needs building)

The super soft plum 13-2802 is a bit staining so make sure you use a base with this one!

Third row swatches from left to right:

17-1227 (grey brown satin), 14-1312 (dark ripened peach satin), 14-2808 (frosty pink), 17-3725 (purple satin, needs building), 17-3911 (dark grey satin), 15-4421 (bright peacock blue shimmer), 13-0645 (lime green shimmer)

All buttery soft and smooth, 17-1227 and 17-3725, less buttery than the rest.

Fourth row swatches from left to right:

18-1320 (coppery brown shimmer), 15-1327 (medium peach shimmer), 16-2615 (medium pink satin), 19-3619 (blue purple satin, almost a duochrome, needs building), 19-3928 (navy blue satin, needs building)  15-4717 (teal shimmer), 17-6219 (metallic kelly green shimmer)

My favorite of course is the kelly green but I really want to do a look with the coppery brown and the teal first!  The navy blue and dark blue purple are not as soft as the others.

Fifth row swatches from left to right:

19-0916 (cool matte dark brown), 15-1333 (orange shimmer), 17-2625 (hot bubblegum pink satin), 19-3713 (dark grey hint of purple matte), 19-4205 (black/dark grey matte), 17-4427 (dark blue green shimmer), 18-5606 (metallic forest green)

There are a few who dock points off when palettes do not have dark matte shades.  Well here you go!  Perfect for deepening creases, setting gel liners.  

I am really enjoying the variety of colors and finishes.  For me, this palette offers endless possibilities!