Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shea Terra Haul!

About a week ago, or is it 2 now, Shea Terra had a 30% off code.  I decided to stock up on my favorite Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Face Mask and Wash.  I was introduced to this lovely gem of a product through Beauty Army.  It is amazing.  Seriously.  You can trust me.  I try out and use a lot of products.  :)

It's a thick black liquid soap that smells, I will admit, I bit stinky...  Hey it's organic!  But you work it into the skin and it sort of foams but more like emulsifies into a mask on the face that you then leave on for 5-10 minutes.  It says on the bottle that redness may occur so leave on for only a few minutes if you have sensitive skin.  I have had no redness after using this product, in fact the opposite happens, my skin is perfectly even toned after rinsing.  Wish it looked like that all of time!

The black soap acts as a microdermabrasion would without the granules.  Rinse it off with some warm water and a face cloth and you will be amazed at how soft and smooth your skin can be.  I used it once a week while I had the sample because I was rationing it to make it last but now I plan on using it twice a week.  I love it!

With the 30% off I also got a couple other things...

They included free samples with my order!  African black soap and Cape Chamomile Soap.  You know how I like my samples!

I also really liked my LUSH shampoo bar so I thought I would try out another one through Shea Terra.  This is Argan & Ghassool Shampoo and Spa Body Bar.  All in one and perfect for summer camping season!  There is so much information about this product so I won't do any justice condensing it.  But it's awesome, 100% natural, a purifying skin and hair treatment.  And anti-aging...  SOLD!

I am almost out of eye creams so I thought I would give this Argan & Green Coffee eye serum a whirl.  I've really been into oils lately for my skin.  They seem to work well and absorb nicely.  And my skin is becoming less oily...  The description says it brings back youthful eyes!  lol  I couldn't resist but with Squalene oil and the anti-oxidants from pressed green coffee, it will certainly help the blood circulation around my eyes. At 2oz, this will last me possibly forever.

There are so many more things I want to try.  Next up will be the Argan & Rose Serum of Youth, umm fountain of youth?, Egyptian Carrot Seed oil, a serious dose of Vitamin A for the skin, Rose Hips & Pink Clay Facial Cleansing Bar, Rose Water Facial Tonor...  I better stop, practically the entire site!

Have you tried anything from Shea Terra Organics?