Monday, September 24, 2012

This....or That Makeup Tag!!

I was reading Glitz Glam Budget tonight and she tagged her readers to do this tag called This…or That Makeup Tag! 

I love tags... so of course I tagged myself!  

Blush or Bronzer?  Definitely bronzer.  I do not really contour because I believe my face is un-contourable, meaning, I can't chisel out cheekbones.  I've tried.  They are just so high, it looks ridiculous.  Trust me.  I do go through the process and if I'm in a hurry I like a light/medium bronzer like NYC Sunny to give my cheeks/face some color.  I do bring the bronzer up around my forehead as it pretty large (large brain that is!) but Idon't think it significantly changes my appearance.  I just like the application process!  :)  I remember really liking Bare Minerals warmth and want to get that again for this winter.

Lipgloss or Lipstick?  I don't have a sharply defined lip line so I have trouble applying lipsticks as they runall over the place if I am not careful. It takes me forever to get my lip line straightened out. I haven't found a 
"natural" looking lip liner so for everyday use, it's lipgloss all the way! Oh I love the YSL Glossy Stains.  They stay put and look wonderful.  I wore #7 Corail Aquatique pretty much all summer long.  I would like to add 
#5 Rouge Vintage and #9 Rouge Laque to my collection!

Chapstick or Lip Butter? Before the advent of Revlon Lip Butters I would have said chapstick but I really love those Revlon Lip Butters.  They are easy to wear and most of them are very moisturizing. I have a few of them and want some more!

Matte or Sparkle Eye Shadow? Because my choices are matte or sparkle, I will have to go with matte.  Sparkle to me implies glitter and I'm not into glitter fall out all over my face anymore.  lol  I loved glitter back in the day though!I tend to use shimmery or satin shadows exclusively.  I rarely use a true matte except to deepen my crease.  Oh and a highlight.  WnW Brulee is a staple!

Gel, Liquid, Cream, or Pencil Eyeliner? Gel.  I'm horrible at liquid liner application.  I'm great on the first swipe and then it all goes downhill from there.  Pencils are dry and pull and I hate sharpening.  As soon as I 
need to sharpen a pencil, it's done in my book.  I will try, but it never ends well.

Foundation or Concealer? I think concealer because I could sheer out it out with some moisturizer to use on my entire face and full strength for under my eyes and around my nose and to conceal the redness of my cheeks.  I'm going to actually try this with my Hard Candy Glamoflauge and see if it works out for me.  lol  

Liquid or Powder Foundation?  I used Bare Minerals for about 4 years and not really sure why I stopped. I think I just wanted a change.  It's been about 4 years now since I stopped.  I've had this love/hate  relationship with every liquid I've tried since.  I feel myself wanting to go back to powder.  It's a draw.

Neutral or Statement Eyes?  I just started with the neutral eye in the last couple of years.  Either it's my aging eyes or maturity or because no one in my immediate circle at the moment ever wears makeup, we are all young mothers with no time, but I feel silly getting all decked out.  Plus my nights of going out are over for the moment.  However, special occasions like holidays and the Marine Corps Ball, I'm game for a statement.   So for 362 days a year, it's neutral eyes. 

Pressed or Loose Shadows? Pressed shadows are very new to me, like in the last 2-3 years new to me.  But I have certainly made up for lost time.  Hello Urban Decay and Wet n Wild!  I did have a couple Cover Girl quads back in the day, like in high school but mineral loose eyeshadow was all I would ever use.  But then with 3 kids, getting "ready" really took a back seat and pressed shadow palettes are so much easier to use when you have 2 minutes to get ready.  And they are more portable.  Plus little kids like to dump mineral 
shadows...all over the place.  It's quite amusing to them.  :)

Waterproof or Non Water proof? It doesn't really matter to me.  I tend to think I like waterproof because my eyes are sensitive and tear frequently and I have hooded oily lids so everything kind of melts throughout day but I usually forget to use my waterproof items or forget to purchase them in waterproof.  In fact I just remembered that I haven't seen my waterproof AVON superSHOCK mascara in a long time.  I got it at the beginning of the summer.  lol  I have also found waterproof eyeliners to be a little irritating and make my eyes water even more.  With all the wiping, they eventually break down and run anyway.

Brushes, Sponges or Fingers?  I use them all!  I used to love the basic wedge sponge though.  I stopped using them when we were all told not to because it wasted product.  lol  I used them wet, well puffy and damp
which is the same concept of the beauty blender.  I have 2 beauty blenders, generic Target and the real deal. I don't often reach for them though.  It's another step in an increasingly stepped process.  lol

Powder, Cream, or Liquid Highlighter? A highlighter is the last thing this greasy face gal needs in the summer but oh how I love the application process so I do it anyway!  I have them all and use them all infrequently in the 
spring and summer.  I think a cream works best on me.  And now that fall is in full spring, I can load up as my skin is normalizing out!

So there you have it!  If you are reading this...consider yourself tagged!!!


  1. Loving this Tag..Think I may need to TAG myself:)
    Sara xx

  2. hehe LARGE BRAIN! :]

    i definitely agree with those lip butters!

    i enjoyed reading this!!

  3. I am so glad you decided to do this tag! I love your response to highlighters LOL " last thing this greasy face gal needs " this cracked me up!

  4. I just like the application process! :) I remember really liking Bare Minerals warmth and want to get that again for this winter.

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