Monday, January 4, 2010

My very own beauty blog!

First off, I have taken a couple years off from blogging.  Gasp!  The time flew by.  We had another baby, moved to another state and bought a house!  Recently I decided that I should really get back into it.  So here it is!  Drum roll please...  "Ugh, not another beauty blog!"  I now realize how many there are out there but I too use and buy a lot of products and want to share my experiences.  My perspective will be a mom of two working on a tight budget.  I am currently going back to school working towards getting into an accelerated nursing program.  As of late, I focus on quick and inexpensive ways to look great without a lot of hassle and dough. 


As you are reading keep in mind that these are the opinions of one mother and they can be quite different from your own.  I am not a trained beautician or makeup artist; you will be able to tell I'm sure.  I'm just a woman who loves makeup and the thrill of trying new products!  If you would like to leave a kind comment, please feel free!  Helpful suggestions are very much appreciated.  Negativity, however, is very much discouraged.  Remember the old adage, "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all."  I live by this people!  


Thanks for reading and I hope to keep you all thoroughly entertained!