Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fun with Sugarpill!!!

All day long I have been crossing off things from a list that is a mile long... all of which was supposed to get done for 3 weeks now!  Oops...  One big thing on the list was to clean out my makeup "room."  Yes it has turned into an entire room at this point.  Originally my makeup collection was housed on some shelves in the bathroom but I figured that the moisture probably wasn't the best thing for eyeshadows and powders so I moved everything into the spare bedroom.

Today was a big organization day and I feel like I accomplished nothing!  Well something.  I took some pictures and played around with my Sugarpill palettes that I bought off of a blogsale back in November I believe.  ( I did more than that, I swear!)  They just look so awesome in the pan and they are wicked pigmented!

I picked up Sweet Heart and Burning Heart.  These are colors I probably have no business playing around with but makeup is supposed to be fun right?  The answer is of course YES!

I love the packaging on these.  Smooth cardboard, magnetic closure and a nice sized mirror.

Sweet Heart 

Burning Heart

As you can see these are pretty much brand new aside from some light swatching from the previous owner.  These are no joke in the pigmentation department.  I didn't bother swatching them out for you since they are not a new product and you've probably seen them in their glory millions of times.

Here is a look I did based off a youtube video I saw by saaammage.  My eyes came out nothing like hers as I used a different brown.  Which I will get into in a bit!  Normally with bright shades like these, I safely layer them over a darker base, normally black but I felt like trying something different.

Here's what I did:

I put UD Primer potion in Sin all over the lid.  From the WnW trio Sweet As Candy, I took the brown crease shade and put that in my crease as a transition color.  Then I took NYX eyeshadow base with Pearl on the lid and inner corner as I couldn't find my NYX jumbo pencil in Milk.  Guess it's time to pick up another one of those.

I took Tako (white) from the Sugarpill Sweet Heart palette and placed that over the pearl base leaving the inner corner/inner 1/3 of the lid for Buttercupcake (yellow) from the Burning Heart palette.  I then took Poison plum in the outer v and crease. 

I also took Poison Plum down under the lower lash line.  I lined my top lash line and lower waterline with a PF black liner.  I then added some WnW loose glitter Lilac Frosting (was on clearance at CVS for 75 cents over the summer) in the center of my eyelid using some Pixie Epoxy.

In other news...  I used a sample of AVON Genics treatment cream last night and I put it on again this morning after washing my face as I wasn't planning on going anywhere today.  Can you say wow?  My complexion was totally even today, no crazy redness in my cheeks.  I don't know if it has a self tanner in it or what but it made a very noticeable difference in my skin overnight and throughout the day.

So far I'm blown away at the results.  I'm going to continue trying out this week.  But so far, super job AVON!