Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Camera!

So since I have been struggling with my Canon Rebel DSLR, it's a dinosaur, nearly 8 years old...  My husband surprised me with a new point & shoot FujiFilm.  It was fun snapping shots Christmas morning with the little thing, conveniently shot some videos, took the kids to the park, etc, etc.  Uploading the new photos... HORRIBLE!  lol  The photos looked wonderful on the screen, but just terrible on the computer.  Colors were all wrong, images distorted, barely anything was in focus, the videos I shot were blurry and just awful.  I was so disappointed.

I then dove into the manual, played with all the settings, it just didn't work out.  Off to Best Buy we went in search of something else.  I was immediately drawn to the DSLR's of course, the shiny new Canon, with that oh so professional shutter sound.  But yeah, $800 was not an option during this trip.  lol 

Back to the point & shoots, back to reality.  Though some are quite pricey... I dove in.  Handled every camera in the row (which for the first 40 minutes, I thought was the only row.  Oh no, there was an entire other side!)  I tried more Fuji's, Canon, Nikon.  I had my eye on one Canon PowerShot SX150 IS 14.1 Megapixel Compact Camera.  The Best Buy sales associate said she didn't like it, that it looked like something from the 90's.  I guess she was correct, it was super bulky, but I am of course used to the bulk, used to the weight and feel of a "real" camera.  This was not a deterrent.  Price was good, under $200.  Loved the zoom 12x.  But when it came right down to it the battery option deterred me.  2 double AA's?  What?  No thanks.  Sure they are cheap, sure they are easy to obtain, yes you can get rechargeable ones and carry extras with you.  But will that every happen?  Nope.  Ask my mom, dad, mother-in-law, father-in-law...  They are always asking if we have double A's.  hahaha

Disappointed that I wasted 15 minutes of my life on this one particular camera...  And that is another point I want to make.  There is no information available at the ready for these cameras.  Yes there is one, one computer where you can price match and look up information, but there is no info card next to the camera.  The Best Buy sales associates knew nothing about the cameras.  They were all helpful and kept asking me if I needed help but had no answers to my questions.  Just pointed me in the direction of the most popular ones.  Umm, not that helpful.  I just happen to see the computer and read a review and find out about the double A batteries.  No thanks.

So on to the other side I go after my husband's discovery and I start looking at the Sony Powershots and I settle on the DSC-H70.  Great price point, decent enough photos so far.  Lots more features.  The only thing I do not like about it thus far is the cheap plastic feeling body.  The Fuji was a nice solid, heavy metal.  But I can live with it.  It's light and easily portable and I like the pictures better than the Fuji.  I don't like them better than my Canon Rebel new out of the box but it's good enough for now!

And we saved $44 from price matching.  Nice!