Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Birchbox

What can I say?  I stuck with Birchbox for another month!  Really glad I did too because this month's was amazing!  My loyal nature paid off!  lol  There was a bit of a granola explosion, hence the grease stains on the tissue.  But no worries...

This month's theme was "clarity" to help us start off the new year on the right foot.

I really like the tips that they included this month.  This year is all about de-cluttering for me as I use up every last product in my stash.  I am trying to limit my "screen" time to only a couple hours a day.  It is difficult as I do a lot of research, look up recipes, apply for jobs, organize pictures, etc, etc...

Now on to the ridiculous line up of products.  We certainly deserve it and they really did start the new year off right!

My favorite of the bunch is stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye liner in Blue Ribbon.  Perfect dark slate blue with some metallic sheen.  A lovely creamy texture that just glides across the water and/or lash line.  Because of my combination skin, it is imperative for me to wear waterproof liners around the eye or in a few hours they will be sliding around down to my nose.  Just a little exaggerating here...  I am so excited to try this product.  I am obsessed with stila's eyeshadow in Cloud that was in a previous Birchbox.  This is my second stila product.  Oh, did I mention that this is full size and retails at $20?  Yeah buddy!

This Befine product has me really intrigued...  Night Cream is so important for me as I really cannot wear a heavy moisturizer during the day.  I like to load up at night to rejuvenate my skin.  From the Birchbox website:   "This moisturizer is packed with naturally healing ingredients. Rice Bran Proteins and Vitamin E increase elasticity in skin, while Iris Florentina extract smoothes and softens fine lines. But the power ingredient is Cocoa, which has caffeine to increase circulation and give you glowing skin."

Sounds good to me!

Reading the label on this one has me really excited to get started using this new product.  This VMV Hypoallergenics Eye Serum is a powerhouse of potent ingredients at a hefty price tag.  $80 full size of 30 mL which is approximately $2.67 a mL.  I received a 12 mL deluxe sample which adds up to $32!  This deluxe sample size will last me a few months.  I really hope I don't like this.  lol  But at this point in my life, if I see results, I will fork over the cash!

From Birchbox again:  "We reach for this silky serum when we want an immediate payoff: a soy-protein-derived polymer tightens the under eye area, while a vasoactive gets rid of puffiness and dark circles. But it’s not just about a quick fix: the formula has glycolic acid to reduce the look of fine lines over time, antioxidant-rich kinetin to boost collagen levels, and green tea to reverse the effects of sun damage."

Okay, so I have a million samples of Viva La Juicy floating around...  Alright maybe 3 but that is okay.  I love this scent!

There you have it!  January's Birchbox.  It has renewed my confidence in this company that they are working hard to provide their subscribers with great samples once again.  Thanks Birchbox for listening.

But make sure you keep up the good work!  ;)