Sunday, January 29, 2012


And my goodness am I behind on posts!  Stop taking pictures and starting blogging lady...

MyGlam finally graced me with it's appearance a couple of weeks late after an unfortunate misshap with their shipping company.  Some people received 2 and others had to be issued refunds...  Oopsie.  Just a tad bit worried here...

But alas it arrived at my door, no sweat, in it's shiny, glammie parcel!

The "theme" for this month of January was Back to Nature.

I now have 3 Freeman Peel-Off Cucumber masks in my possession.  Good stuff though!  I use it a couple times a week already.

Here is the contents of the cosmetic bag, which you can never have enough of in my opinion.  Some oil always spills or a matte black eyeshadow never fails to explode in mine.  Oh yeah and zippers always break!

It had a weird toxic chemical smell as soon as I opened the pink mailer.  Since it has been out exposed to fresh air, the smell has dissipated some what but it was a crazy strong scent!  It is lined in a plastic waterproof layer which is probably where the smell originates.

Ahh...  Sheer Cover.  Some 6 years ago I ordered this off an infomercial.  Not sure why.  I was always happy with the Bare Minerals that I had ordered from an infomercial a year previous.  Sheer Cover was awful for me.  Didn't like the concealer, didn't like the mineral foundation that I applied with the super scratchy foundation brush.  I returned it immediately.

To be fair, I wasn't savvy in makeup application all those years ago and I probably slathered the stuff on, saw a streaky unblended mess and the color match was horrible.  The great thing about Bare Minerals, it's fool proof.  In fact, I was looking through a photo album recently and I looked really nice when I wore Bare Minerals.  Hmm...

this did come at a good time as I have been wanting a creamy concealer ever since the Urban Decay makeup artist did my face at Ulta.  She used the concealer sticks CIA and FBI on the redness around my nose and cheeks and it really smoothed everything out.  Actually she never applied foundation.  I just realized that.  I probably should get those!  lol

theBalm is well what it says it is... the balm.  This is Shady Lady in Luscious Lani.  It's a shimmery champagne pinky peach if that is descriptive enough for you.

Here's me wearing it with L'OREAL Infallable in Continuous Cocoa on my upper and lower lash line.  Just a quick day look before heading out.  I just love those Infallables!

I'm thinking it might be a nice cheek highlight?  But theBalm shadows have that velvety buttery smooth formula like Urban Decay which I just love.  I have theBalm and the Beautiful palette which I keep meaning to do a post on.  :)  I picked it up at Marshall's for $19.99.  Awesome price.  I'm glad to have another theBalm shadow in my collection.

Ahh...  The much anticipated wen!  wen is one of those products that I have wanted to try for years now.  Yep, watched the infomercial a thousand times.  I'm a bit of an insomniac apparently.  I guess I shouldn't wonder why I am tired all day long!  I have tried and used Hair One that you can find at Sally Beauty for around $10.50 I believe.  On QVC you can grab 16 oz duo bottles for $39.90 with $6.72 S&H.
But it's available on Easy Pay!

I used wen this morning and I can honestly say that they are about the same.  They both make the hair smooth and soft. I did wash my roots and scalp with my LUSH shampoo bar.  I have an oily scalp and I know from experience that I would be greasy by the afternoon.  Hair One does lather up a bit meaning not suds, but there is a workable like lather.  Wen didn't at all.  However,  I really didn't know how much to use.  I think I remember Hair One needing 10 to 15 pumps?  I may not have used enough of the wen sample as I would like to "stretch" it as long as possible but I surmise there is enough for 3 washings.

I think I am leaning towards liking wen as I did like the scent of a lot better.  But it is so flipping expensive for my life right now!  I did pick up thL'OREAL EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner for $2.50 (on-sale $6, and I had $3.50 in ECB) so I will review all 3 and give you my thoughts.  I like the idea of being sulfate free.

So what do I think about MyGlam.  I'm not really sure.  

In terms of value?  I received a $4 sample of wen (calculated based on the price per ounce based off the QVC price of $29.90 for 16 oz bottle).  The Freeman Cucumber Peel Off Mask retails for about $4.50.  They do go BOGO a couple times a year at the drugstores.  A full size Shady Lady eye shadow is $16.  The Sheer Cover Concealer duo is available on HSN for $19.99.  Shipping is free and you get a cosmetic bag.  So based on an approximate value of $50, I paid $10.  That's a pretty good deal.

As a company?  A bit sketchy as I was charged early to mid December and didn't receive it until last week.  I have found with the other monthly subscription boxes I receive, they charge when it ships.  They did send an email in apology for the late shipping and the mistake that was made.  It is their second month in business and it was an unfortunate error.  Doo doo happens.  

There you have it.  Did you get a MyGlam bag this month?  What did you think?