Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stranger Tides

A couple of weeks ago I walked into Walmart and saw some bright yellow stickers out of the corner of my eye...  Instinctively knowing and never one to pass up a sale, a sauntered over to check.

Clearance, Buy 1 Get 2?  How do you refuse a sale like that?  Granted most of the colors were maroons and bright oranges, colors that I wouldn't normally go for but I settle on the best 3!  2 colors from the OPI Texas Collection and what is that color on the end...  Stranger Tides?!

The OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection was/is by far my favorite of all time.  I liked every single color in the collection equally.  The murky dusky pastel shades called out to me as well as the silver shatter!  The shatter craze never really hit me but I from time to time will still extend a mani out a day or 2 with the silver shatter.

And here we are almost 8 months later and what do I stumble upon a clearance, Buy 1 Get 2 free? Sheer craziness!

 Stranger Tides

Guy Meets Gal-Veston

 Don't Mess with OPI

I was also very excited to pick up a fun coral and my favorite shade of green...

So here is Stranger Tides in all of it's glory.  I just love this dusky greenish grey color!  "It was never really a good seller, " the manager of the salon said.  Really?  It was hands down my favorite of the collection!  The brush isn't my favorite on this one as since it sat around for all these months, probably a tester of sorts but it smoothed out with the second coat to an awesome finish.

So here is a blast from the past!


Natural light

Love love love!  And getting it on clearance was amazing as well.

Make sure you check out the salon in Walmart.  You never know what clearance OPI you might stumble upon...

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