Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pantene Beautiful Lengths Replenishing Mask

I had been wanting to pick this up for close to a year but I could never get it on sale/free!  Such is a couponers life!  It seems that all the other Pantene products would be on sale 2 for $5 or offer store rewards but the Beautiful Lengths collection was never included.  Finally, I ordered it from during my monthly diaper order.  I needed another $4 or so to get free shipping $5.95 so I thought why not spend the $4? offers instant coupons so I always scan through the list it before checking out.  Sweet, a $1 coupon on this product that retails at $4.99.  Perfect!

 First off, this is a nice conditioner.  At the end of the summer my hair was fried (no die or bleach, just sun!) and I was trying everything I could get my hands on.  It wasn't an overnight cure, but this product was in rotation at that time.  Pantene products always have made my hair feel soft, manageable and smelling nice.  I have always loved Pantene.  I think I've told this story before...  But in college I was turned off because a hair stylist showed me the buildup and "damage" as she called it by running a pair of scissors along a chunk of hair and this scraped off this waxy buildup.  In fact it was Panthenol, Pantene's star chemical.  I didn't want that "junk" on my hair!  But it is remedied by a clarifying shampoo once a week or so...

But in fact, Pantene never weighed down my hair, always left it soft and healthy (looking).  What's not to like about that?  Well maybe parabans, sulfates, silicones and other chemicals that has us freaking out.  Well for good reason...

But this is a great conditioner.  Replenishes just like it says it does and makes your hair very soft without weighing it down.  Whether or not it actually nourishes your hair is debatable as with all shampoos and conditioners.  Your hair is dead strands of protein people.  It does expand and contract and yes we do want to keep those strands from breaking by keeping the cuticle smooth as long as we can if we want long hair.

If we really want healthy hair, what we put into our body in the first place will determine that, not what we put on it.  Fill your body with healthy food and nutrients and you will have healthy hair.  That goes for skin too.  If we eat and drink crap, we will have crappy skin.  See what I am saying?   But I'm not saying that you can use crap products on your hair and skin either...  Oh the confusion!

What I didn't like about this product was the tub.  Without fail I would reach in and dump a ton of shower water than ran down my arm into the container.  But I feel that way about any tub in the shower.  The Replenishing Mask is not super thick and could be put in a squeeze tube no problem.  That was really my issue aside from the parabans, sulfates and silicones.

Will I repurchase in 2012?  Unless I win the lottery and can afford crazy high end organic chemical free products, sure!  But in reality, I do use Coconut oil  and it works wonders on my hair and scalp but it is crazy greasy and I can only use it at night to wash out the next morning. 

Pantene Beautiful Lengths Replenishing Mask smooths my hair, makes in feel soft and moisturized and I will probably repurchase this at the end of the summer when my hair is fried again!  Good stuff.