Thursday, May 3, 2012

April Empties!

I barely have any empties this month!  I traveled so much that I blew through most of my samples that I had stockpiled for those travel days.  Of course I still have a more but I put a considerable dent in my stash!

1. Vichy 3 in 1 One Step Cleanser.  I received this in the Vichy Birchbox.  This cleanser certainly non-drying and gentle.  I used this to wipe away my makeup and then followed up with another cleanser which I will talk about next.  On it's own it really didn't work for me but I tend to use 2 cleansers anyway, one to get my makeup off, one to deep cleanse the skin since I do have larger pores and oily skin.  I'm not acne prone but my skin is prone to "congestion" so I cleanse very thoroughly every night.  This is a maybe repurchase.  Definitely if my skin becomes irritated.

2.  Dermalogica clean start wash off.  I grabbed this in a travel/trial set at the Exchange for 75% off.    It has salicylic acid as an active ingredient and it really deep cleans the skin.  You get that fresh face but non-drying feeling after cleansing with it.  Good stuff.  It will definitely go on my list of good cleansers to try so if my skin starts acting up, I will pick up some more of this.  I used this after the Vichy and brought the 2 of them everywhere I went this month.

3.  John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in 9A Light Ash Blonde.  I bought 2 of these on clearance at Target last month for $5.98 a piece.  This was my last one!  Nooo!  When I got back from NYC, my hair was a nice shade of orange thanks to city water, pollution, not having my purple shampoo.  lol   Well to me it looked orange.  Also when we got back from Myrtle Beach, I came home with bleached blonde hair on the top of my hair so I needed to cut myself together and even everything out.  I also went to Ulta for a trim as well as soon as I got back.  I will never go to another salon again.  Every time I go to Ulta, my hair is consistently fabulous.  It doesn't matter who cuts my hair, or what Ulta I chose to walk in to, or what I have done, red, blonde, trim, major trendy 10 inch hair cut, I love the results every time.  Why I stray, I have no idea.  Well to be fair when we lived in NY, the nearest Ulta was an hour and a half away and I never went to it.  I have had awful $100 cuts and of course awful $20 cuts.  Ulta just gets it right.  Great training and great talent.  But anywho back to John Frieda.  This is my favorite color right now.  Takes the brass away, evens everything out as much as a home colorant will do.  I will repurchase.

The rest of the products are super boring, some Rembrandt and Colgate Optic White toothpaste.  Both work wonders.  Oh and some Listerine Whitening Restoring Post-Brush Fluoride Rinse.  I like this and it does really help to brighten my teeth but it foams on the teeth (and tongue) for several minutes after swishing and I find myself constantly spitting it out in the sink.  It's pretty annoying.  But I would rather do this then be drilled for a cavity as it whitens and helps to strengthen your enamel.  I need to repurchase.  I did get regular old fluoride but I'm sure my teeth will go back to be stained and I will get some more of the Listerine.

So I think that's it.  Next month I suspect a ton of empties as most of items I am currently using are 1/4 full or less.  Also I switched up my skincare.  Summer always throws me for a loop.  My skin is totally different.  Like I have said before, I love my "normal" winter skin.  Summer is an all out greasefest.  This will also be my first full summer in NC and the weather is much different than in NY.  However I have noticed that in recent years it has been super humid in the North, more so than I remembered growing up in MA. 

But anyway, I painfully decided to skip a month of Beauty Army to catch up and try/use up some samples.  I love that they have that option.  Since I traveled so much I now have 2 boxes of Beauty Army that I haven't even touched!  As well as Birchbox! I also have some Indie Lee products from Hautelook on their way as well.  I know, no buying but I couldn't pass up Indie Lee.  She is a wonderful person and created an amazing line up of products.  I also bought some cleanser and toner from LUSH this past weekend when I was in VA.  I wasn't joking that I have been traveling hence the lack of blog posts. 

I have so much to talk about so I have lots of catch up posts to do!