Monday, May 21, 2012

ZOYA Blogger Collection by Birchbox

A few weeks ago Birchbox announced the ZOYA Blogger collection.  It is comprised of 3 spring/summer colors voted on through facebook.  Did you vote?  I did!  I picked up the collection and a bottle of ZOYA Remove + for a mere 80 cents with my Birchbox points.  Score!

So the 3 shades pictured from left to right are Coraline by Eleventh Gorgeous (tangerine orange jelly), Belle by Capital Hill Style (coral pink shimmer) Kate by The Small Things (pink grapefruit jelly).  They are all gorgeous and on trend for the summer!

Of course the formula is perfect on all 3, no worries there.  ZOYA really knows how to make a polish.  They are so shiny, no top coat needed!  And in fact, I did not have a top coat in any of the photos.  My Seche is getting a bit goopy...  Time for me to purchase the ZOYA Color Lock System.  Long over do.

But on to the colors!

First one I had on for a couple of days is Coraline.  A ripe and juicy tangerine!  This is 3 coats, no top coat.   It's a jelly but more like the OPI "sorbet" finish.  I love this finish.

Belle!  I used Belle as a top coat as it is too sheer for my tastes to wear alone.  Which I believe is the intention of this polish.

Belle over Coraline...

Kate!  Pink grapefruit is the perfect description of Katie.  Bright, bold and juicy!  Same jelly/sorbet finish as Coraline.  This is 3 coats.

Here is Kate with a Belle topcoat...

I also did a comparison of WnW Waves of Enchantment and ZOYA Belle.  Belle looked familiar for some reason and I thought they would be more similar then they were.

Clearly, they are not even close.  lol  WnW Waves of Enchantment has tons of gold/orange shimmer and ZOYA Belle, none, just the pink micro-shimmer.

The ZOYA Blogger Collection is still available on the Birchbox website for $22.  Go get it!