Thursday, December 23, 2010

Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make-up Remover

I also bought this along with Boots Cleansing Milk when Medco Health Store was having a $10 off purchase coupon.    So I got the cleansing milk for $7.99 and this for $5.99 and 99 cent shipping.  So I paid roughly $4 for these 2 products.

So I'll be honest, I am such a dud.  I didn't like this prodcut at all the first few times that I used it.  It was so oily and didn't remove my makeup at all, well a little.  Then I realized that I need to shake the bottle to mix the product.  Duh!  It's right on the label, all I had to do was read the directions!  Now it works perfectly and removes every last stitch of black eyeliner. 

It also says to put the product in the fridge to cool for a "quick pick me up."  I haven't tried that yet but I'm sure that would feel wonderful on the eyes on those mornings I wake up and my eyes are puffy and burning.

Great product and even better that I only paid $2 for it!