Monday, December 20, 2010

Clinique Redness Solutions

Well unfortunately it was not a solution to my red face but in all fairness after speaking with a consultant on-line, I really wasn't a candidate for this product.  I do not have Rosacea but I do have broken capillaries around my nose and in the winter I do get some irritating redness on my cheeks.  Basically, I do not need blush... at all... even with foundation on.  Like Rudolf's nose, it doesn't matter what I put on my cheeks, the redness seeps through.

I'll start with what I did like about the kit.  The moisturizer.  It was soothing and it really did a great job at evening out my combination skin.  It took care of my dry areas and it didn't over moisturize my oily areas, namely the t-zone.  Al the products in the kit were a color correcting green which may have helped slightly to tone down my redness.

What I didn't like about the kit.  The fact that it broke me out.  I rarely get a pimple, maybe on my chin.  I mean, almost never so when all of a sudden I am getting breakouts on my cheeks, I'm either having a reaction to something or it is clogging my pores.  I don't think the cleanser was effective at clearing off my oil and make-up.  It was a very gently cleanser, probably what  person afflicted with Rosacea needs to combat the irritatedness.  Is that even a word?

So I ended up returning the set.  Returning was no hassle at all.  I ordered on-line and sent it back and I was credited within 5 days.  I couldn't keep it all just for the moisturizer.  Something about the kit was breaking me out and I really wasn't sure what it was.  Maybe the combination of the moisturizer and the primer was just too heavy or maybe the cleanser just wasn't cleaning my skin the way it is used to be cleaned. 

I guess I will just have to live with my rosey winter cheeks...