Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue

So I will be honest.  I bought this on accident.  Well actually it wasn't an accident per se, I really wanted the Moisture Rescue Gel because I had sent away for 3 samples and used up those samples and really loved the way my skin felt upon using the said product.  So I head to CVS on the Sunday of the 30% off in-store purchase weekend and a $1 Garnier coupon ready to purchase.  I ran out of day lotion that week and needed one ASAP.  Then I get side-tracked.  Hmm...  There is a Moisture Rescue lotion with a SPF of 15 and it is a pump bottle on the shlf next to the Moisture Rescue Gel.  Sometimes I get annoyed dipping my finger into a jar and getting gunk under my nails.  So I think to myself, I really need the SPF and I really like the pump action. 

And I've been wearing my Revlon Colorstay and I have no sunscreen at all.  Then I hem and haw.  Well I can finally use up that last bit of Bare Minerals, it has SPF in it.  But the fairly light is way too yellow in the winter and it takes forever to swirl, mix, tap, mix, tap and buff my perfect shade.  Then I have both the lotion and the gel in my hands.  I have 2 coupons mind you, well actually 3 from the 3 samples.  I'll just use the gel as a night cream.  Well I already have a night cream.  See my dilemma here? 

So I end up with the lotion and then come to find out the employees at the register have no clue about the 30% off in-store purchase, then one says I needed to print out a coupon on-line, well there wasn't one, I checked.  So now I am annoyed because I would have just bought it had Walmart for $2 cheaper but I specifically went to CVS to save 30 % plus the dollar coupon and CVS is way closer than Walmart.  So I'm still up there at the register, it's 8:30 pm and I need a day lotion so I buy the Garnier Moisture Rescue lotion.  Did I mention that I haven't been back to a CVS since that fateful Sunday?

Phew.  So on to the review...

I like this lotion, I really do though I loved the gel.  But I need a SPF.  It makes the skin soft and smooth.  I put it on my face, chest and the back of my hands.  Don't forget your hands folks.  They get hit with a lot of sun too and the skin there can age and wrinkle just like your face.  You have to work in the lotion as it is obvious that it has sunscreen in it, by texture and scent.  But it has a lovely clean scent with just a hint of sunscreen and after you work it in, the lotion is non-greasy. 

So when I run out of night cream, which won't be in the near future mind you, I will revisit the gel purchase, probably at Walmart this time and while I am at it, use up both remaining coupons and purchase another Moisture Rescue lotion with SPF 15.

Take care....  (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.  :)