Thursday, December 9, 2010

ZOYA Color Spoons

Interesting concept...  ZOYA offers "color spoons" so that you can put them over your fingernail to see if that color nail polish suits you.  The feature a quick youtube video on their website,  Brillant.  Also, the amount you spend on the color spoons, is applied to your next purchase of nail polish on-line so basically you get them for free.  And tomorrow, December 10th, ZOYA is offering 6 color spoons for free!  Additionally, they will give you a $3 credit towards furture purchases.

I already know which ones I'm ordering tonight at midnight...  I'm not staying up for the event, I will probably still be up studying for finals!  AHHH!!!

Julianne, Valerie, Edyta, Kelly, Stacey, and Shawn