Tuesday, December 21, 2010

EO Bubble Bath in French Lavender with Aloe

I love the scent of lavender, absolutely adore it.  I pick up anything that has a lavender scent.  So when I came across this deal on http://www.hip2save.com/ I couldn't pass it up.  Three 2 oz bottles of EO Bubble Baths French Lavender for... wait for it...  99 cents on amazon.  Now if you look it says $54.27.  It took close to two months ot actually receive the product and I just assumed it would be cancelled.  But sure enough, it finally came.

This is the most luxurious bubble bath that I have ever used.  To top it off, EO is a manufacturer of natural and organic products.  It truly leaves the skin baby soft and smelling beautiful.  I just love the bubbles.  What's a bath without bubbles?  Other ingedients besides french lavender and aloe include, hops extract, fig amino acids, chamomile, panthnol, allantoin, rice proteins, white tea, calendula, and vitamin A.   So a perfect balance of anti-oxidants and moisturizers.

I'm not sure that I would have paid $4 for 3 of them.  I'll have to see when I finally run out.  Fortunately 3 bottle are going to last me a while.  But if it ever goes on sale again, I will surely scoop more up!