Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas to me!

I finally got my hands on Perplex!  Last night at the mall doing some last minute Christmas shopping I decided to pop into the CVS.  I notice that there are some leftover summer 2010 Revlon from their scented collection.  I grabbed Beach a shimmery lime green.  I also grab Orange Pop but I ended up putting it back.  So here I am wandering around the store and I see a sign that Revlon polishes are on sale for $3.99 with $2 ECB with purchase so final price for the polish is $1.99.  So I turn around to re-visit Orange Pop and for some reason I look up.  And there it is....  a tiny display of Revlon Perplex.  I couldn't even see the color of the bottles but instinctly I knew what they were!  I know this might sound a little ridiculus but I've been searching for 2 months now for this color and there it was!  So I grab 2 bottles and reach up on the tip of my toes straining my arms to get a picture.

This is a picture after I grabbed my two bottles.  One other soul found the display before me.  Yes Virginia, Perplex does exist.  It is a Christmas Miracle!  I ended up putting my other bottle back.  No need to be greedy!

My husband said that I need to wait until Christmas to wear it.  It goes in the stocking until Christmas Day.  I'll try to sneak a swatch though!

And the best part about it?  I have $4 in ECBs!