Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's Brazilliant!

Sitting at my desk, I saw Essie Brazillant, a bright orange with a pink shimmer calling out to me.  Well, that's a bit dramatic.  But I painted my thumb nail and thought, "Yeah way too bright for February."  But who makes up those rules anyway?  But I knew I had to do something with it.  Add some glitter or shimmer to tone it down.

I came up with Jesse's Girl Firefly.  And this was the result!

Definitely not toned down...

Ready to go to the beach!  Actually we just might today after school.  I only intended for this color to be on my toes in the summer but since it is blazing hot down here in NC, (okay 70's but the sun is hot!) I thought that this was appropriate for today and tomorrow for that matter as it will be in the high 70's.

We did have a cray cray t-storm last night around 3.  Thunder that shook the house.

What seasonally inappropriate colors are you wearing for this unseasonable weather that we are having?