Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Empties!

Happy February 1st everyone!  Did January just fly by or what?

So here are my January empties!  Wow do I have a bunch...  In all fairness, most were half used before the start of the month hence the volume but I like that I'm starting almost entirely a new for the month of February.

Here is my bucket of plastic to be recycled with mini reviews.  Full reviews of some will come in the near future!

In no particular order...

Fantastic Cleanse Color Protect Shampoo
Fantastic Cleanse Color Protect Conditioner:  I really like these 2.  Wish they were paraben and sulfate free but this conditioner is one of the best I have ever used.
AVON Moisture Therapy Extra Strength Cream
BB&W White Citrus Body Lotion
BB&W White Citrus Shower Cream:  My skin was super soft using this stuff.  Got it on 75% off clearance so they probably do not have it anymore unless it was a package change.
Biore warming anti-blackhead cream cleanser:  Umm, to use this up I used it on my feet.  'nuff said.
Botanic Spa Aloe Vera Moisture Cream:  Good body lotion but too greasy for face.
Biore makeup removing towelettes:  They tingle but really feel like they clean.  Before my Noxema wipes came along I liked them.
Lumene Sensitive Touch eye makeup remover:  I continue to re-buy this product.
Rembrandt Deeply White fluoride + peroxide mouthwash
Body Shop Deodry dry-effect deodorant fresh and floral scent:  Good for winter when I am not sweating...
Sheer blonde lustrous touch strengthening shampoo
LUSH Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub :(  just wish that I had an endless supply of all things LUSH!
LUSH Veganese:  Amazing but I do need a bit more moisture for my color treated hair.
Neutrogena Shampoo anti-residue formula:  1-2 a week!
AVON ANEW Ultimate Transforming Hand & Nail Cream:  This stuff is awesome.
NIVEA Creme:  I have a million of these everywhere in my house.

Samples and mini-reviews:
Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief:  Stinky.
AVON ANEW Genics Treatment Cream 5 packets:  This works amazingly well.  Not for everyday use as it really works to renew the skin.
boscia oil-free daily hydration SPF 15:  Made my face quite oily.
Lancome Genifique 7 day supply:  I'm intrigued and wish I had another week's supply.  The texture of my face has improved since using this product.  Another week would prove it was Lancome!
Origins Starting Over Age-Erasing Moisturizer with Mimosa:  I'm glad I have another sample of this!
Anew Platinum Cleanser 2 week supply:  Meh...
Clinique All About the Eyes Rich: Non-greasy, good stuff!

Christian Siriano for Victoria Secret Makeup Kajal eyeliner in Eclipse x2 : I've had these for nearly 3 years.  I loved them but just recently I noticed that they are starting to run all over the place.  I figure they are expired by now since I used them mainly on upper and lower waterlines.  No need for pink eye!
e.l.f. Mineral Mascara:  I put this on for a birthday party, came home 3 hours later and it had flaked all over my eyes and cheeks.  YUCK!  It's about 2 years old.  Way expired.
e.l.f. concealer/highlighter duo:  I love this stuff!  I just wish it had staying power on my greasy face.  lol  Not quite empty but going on over 2 years old.
PF Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara:  Another flaker, about a year to a 18 months old.  Time to pitch.

I feel so much lighter!  Also I gave a few things away.  My stash already feels so much more manageable.

I do have a confession.  I did find myself in a drugstore twice this month.  The first time I didn't realize, the second time was on purpose.

Trip #1:  Rite Aid.  Went in to get baby saline nose drops for a friend's 1 month old.  Thought, "Hey I get 10% off my purchases all year round."  So I went in.  Hubby says later that day, "I thought you weren't shopping at drugstores anymore?"  I say, "I didn't buy makeup."  He says, "But you said you weren't shopping there anymore."  Crap, did I say that?  :(

Trip #2:  Expiring ECB's at CVS.  Can't let them go to waste now can I?  I bought the new L'OREAL low-poo shampoo, EverCreme sulfate free cleaning conditioner.

So I would say that is pretty good for someone that used to go into all 3 drugstores once or twice a week.

What did you finish up these week?  Any project pans out there?

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  1. I did a CVS run earlier this week... am purchasing items for restroom baskets for the wedding. Planning on getting things for free or next to free to outfit these baskets- started strong!!!