Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Sunday!!!

Today is the day!!!  lol  Who am I kidding?  I watch one football game a year, only if the Patriots are playing.  It just so happens my husband's team, the Giants are playing as well.  As my husband so lovingly explained to my daughter, "Mommy and daddy are like the Romeo and Juliet of sports."

It's true.  I grew up in Massachusetts and by default and of course eventually love of sports have become a Red Sox, Bruins and Patriots fan.  As a native of New York State, my husband prefers the Yankees and Giants.  Our children are caught up in the middle, showing preference to the team that is playing or the jersey a family member has gifted to them.  Currently there are Red Sox sweatshirts and hats and Giants football jerseys.  And of course, my argument is that they are too young to decide!  I'll be darned if I raise Yankees fans.  :)

So of course this mani has no resemblance to a football team or colors for the matter.  It's just fun!

I started out with a layer of DL Happy Birthday, followed by a layer of Confetti Pink Paradise.  I needed a more opaque pink so I looked to my new nail polish rack (more on that later!) and spotted WnW Tickled pink and put a layer of that on.  It was almost too opaque.  I put on another layer of DL HB and then 2 layers of Confetti PP and a layer of Seche.  Surprisingly, everything dried amazingly fast.  I waited a minute or 2 between each layer, which there was a lot of I must admit but the end result was nice.

Are you watching the game today?