Sunday, February 26, 2012


ZOYA recently had a Valentine's Day promo with free shipping with any purchase but you also had to choose a polish from their reds.  It took me a while as red is not something I naturally gravitate towards. Looking very briefly at my collection to date, I have one what I consider to be a true red, ZOYA Sooki which I received in a Birchbox and which I haven't tried yet.  Pinks and corals are colors that I have been branching out towards so this was a challenge!

I finally settled on  LC which I see as a pinky blue almost a purple based red but ZOYA describes as a coral-red.  ZOYA also says it's a warm toned red.  It does look a little off on my skin tone.   But I'm not sure if it's because I consider myself to be cool toned mostly but also a little neutral and warm.  I know it's confusing.  I like silver jewelry, I love wearing black, purple, blues and greens.  I do have a few greys and browns...  But that can be cool too.  My veins are blue, purple and some green.

For my "any purchase"  I chose a 2 fl.oz. bottle of ZOYA 3-in-1 remove + which I absolutely love but can't afford to buy the buckets of it I need.   Because I am so savvy I make my own version that works the same but unfortunately does not have the lovely scent of the ZOYA.  So for under $5 I got a nail polish and a travel size remover.  Great deal!

It's slightly more red and darker than in the bottle which I have found with a few ZOYA polishes.