Saturday, February 18, 2012

Toxic Seaweed

Cult Nails recently came out with the new Let's Get Nekkid Collection few weeks ago.  I opted out of the entire collection as I am being really "good."  Seriously I am.  Only 2 stops in the drugstores this year.  One was for a friend's baby and the other was to spend some CVS ECB's as I am not a "money trasher!"  lol

So about a week ago Maria released the Nekkid Collection individually and I scooped up Toxic Seaweed a few minutes after the midnight release along with a glass nail file to replace my broken one.  Toxic Seaweed was of course a stand out in the collection for me as a green glitter/flakie.

This is an outstandingly complicated green glitter.  In an aqua green jelly base you find tiny green and gold glitter and mixed with coppery flakes of all different sizes.  It's gorgeous.  It is more green in real life than the blue that is coming across in the pictures.

The formula is a bit thick as it is packed with glitter but 2 thin coats is all you need.  The polish dries super fast.  The above 3 photos are without a top coat.  Here are two with a Seche Vite topper.

And here is a bottle shot!

I also think it's about time I show you all the green glitters and shimmers in my collection.  I did a teal comparison a while back but I also have a lot of greens.  :)

Did you pick up any of Maria's new creations?