Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This week at CVS...

CVS emailed me a $5 off $25 purchase so I headed in.  I didn't do any research or print out any other coupons than the CVS ones but I still was able to cook up a fantastic deal.  I had $17 in ECB and the $5 coupon, some CVS coupons prints from last week.  When I scanned my card I got another $5 in ECB!  I expected to pick up some L'OREAL Infalliables but nothing intrigued me.  Maybe if I went to the far CVS, they always have the new products fully stocked, ready to go.  This CVS was picked over...

So here is what I grabbed:

Colgate Optic White, my go to toothpaste was on sale for $3.  I printed out a $2.25 coupon from the Magic coupon machine and I had a $2 off $8 toothpaste/mouthwash/floss coupon from last week. Which makes it roughly $1.58 per toothpaste but combined with the $5 off $25 purchase, it was worth it.

Jergens was Buy 2, Get $5 ECB. These items are also qualifying Beauty Club purchases. 

Nivea was a bit confusing.  The shelf was marked Buy $10, get $3. So I grabbed a large tub which was on sale for $6 and then 4 little ones which were 3/$3.00 so they all ended up a $1 a piece.   I didn't end up getting the ECB even though the little ones were marked on the shelf.  No big deal, I had a $2 off $10 hand and body lotion CVS coupon. 

The Schick razor was a pretty good deal.  Buy any Schick Razor, Get $5 ECB.  It was a pricey $10.49 but I had a $4 off $10 CVS Razor coupon.

Now these deals would have of course been a lot sweeter if I had manufacturer's coupons, but going into the transaction I had CVS coupons and ECBs so I had to include some filler items so I didn't go over my coupon for item allowance, hence the Cadbury eggs and bubble tape.  I also printed a $1 off $5 candy purchase.

$18 out of pocket and I got back $10 in ECB and I believe another $5 in ECB for Beauty Club should be coming my way as well. If not, they will after the next CVS transaction.

The first CVS did not have the large tubs of NIVEA soft (which is why I picked up 4 of the small ones) that I wanted so I headed to the smaller CVS.  I also noticed that they were different prices at both stores.  The first CVS has them priced at $7.99, the second one $7.29.  But this week the large tubs are on sale at $6.  The second CVS did not have the NIVEA lotion marked on the shelves.  And interestingly enough, I do not see the sale printed in the flyer.  Hmm...

Anywho...  I was $8 away from the Spend $30 on CVS Brand, Get $5 in ECB "Club" and the CVS Skin Smoothing Body Wash qualified for Buy $10, Get $3 ECB.  So why not?   I use the Aveeno in similar packaging for the kids so hopefully this is a good dupe. So essentially with the $5 in ECB from the CVS Brand Club and the $3 ECB, I can try them for a $1 a piece. 

So I rolled the $10 in ECB from the first transaction on to this transaction, paid roughly $9 and got back $6 in ECB.


At the bottom of my second receipt, it says Beauty, Earn up to 10 ECB.  Spend $8.42 more, Get $7 ECB.  I believe that is for CVS Beauty so it just makes sense to roll the $6 in ECBs from this transaction on a 3rd transaction this week, right?  :)  I can always use sound cotton rounds/squares. 

Looks like I am heading to CVS again...  I can't stay away!!!