Monday, November 28, 2011

Power Thief

Another lovely installment of Cult Nails brought to you by chocolate shimmery brown that is Power Thief.

This first picture is outside.  No sun today :(

This is upstairs from my "office" window.  It's really a spare bedroom where all my nail polish and slowly my makeup is taking up residence.  Girl needs space to grow!

And this is with a flash so you can see all that nice shimmery goodness. 

Cult Nails really makes a good polish with a great brush.  It's not too thin where it is streaky, it's not too thick.  You can do one coat or two depending on your preference and how much time you have.  I have 2 coats on my left hand, which I used to take the picture but I didn't have time for a second coat on my right hand (my son took a quick nap today!) and they both look equally good. 

And the piece of mind knowing that I am not being exposed to DBP, Formaldehyde, Toluene and the 4th, Camphor makes me love the polish and company even more.

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  1. Oh my God,I got to have it! looks fabulous and it's quite different of all I have seen lately!